Sorcha McCarthy’s emotional and powerful “Rings”

Sorcha McCarthy’s newest single “Rings” paints a picture of a spiral that seems to have no end. It is about being trapped in a relationship that seems to have no way out. How can we gather the strength to escape this cycle? Raw, honest, and emotional, McCarthy’s “Rings” takes us through a difficult mental process through music.


Sorcha McCarthy is an Irish singer based in Liverpool. She is inspired by Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus and works primarily in her home studio alongside her brother, who mixes and masters her tracks. Her music carries an emotional atmosphere that resonates alongside the lyrics, oftentimes reflecting a complex emotional state to its equally complex themes. “Rings” is inspired by a true story.

The point-of-view is my friend’s, and she’s seeing to her partner who mistreated her a lot. He did something particularly horrible to her and then they just continued to go on trips every February and never talked about it or anything and she just felt like he considered her an object and a possession. This is the second song I’ve written from her POV and it was always with the intention of convincing her to not take him back. She’s happy now with somebody else, finally, and she has a writing credit on this song because she contributed a line early on. (She blamed the loneliness of lockdown on why she invited him round another time). –Sorcha McCarthy

“Rings” plays around the idea of going on and on in circles, living the same experiences without being able to escape a vicious cycle. The guitars and synths fill the music, making its soundscape feel endless and full of sorrow. We fill ourselves with loneliness, even though we think we have someone by our side.

The lyrics paint a deep reflection of this feeling, of why we fall into the same traps, with the same people time after time. And yet, there is something of a light at the end of the tunnel in Sorcha McCarthy’s soothing voice, as if deep within our soul lived a hope that refuses to die, where we find the strength to continue and live on with our life, leaving those rings behind us.

Sorcha McCarthy "Rings" artwork

“Rings” is an emotional and powerful track you cannot miss out on. Sorcha McCarthy’s newest track fills the listener of empathy and makes us remember that we are surrounded by people that care about us. It helps us find the strength to take that extra step to find our own way.


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