New directions with Dirty Dev’s newest track “Frida and Leon”

Dirty Dev’s newest single “Frida and Leon” is a historical and musical examination of one most famous affairs between painter Frida Kahlo and revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Dev takes this relationship to delve into a reflection of modern love and his own personal ones. With a departure from his usual style, Dirty Dev explores a new and personal direction in his music.


Dirty Dev is based in Edmonton Canada. Since the beginning of his musical career at the age of seventeen, he has constructed a sound deeply influenced by hip-hop and given it a twist with an atmospheric sound that invites the listener into a deep reflection of love, life, and relationships. “Frida and Leon” is written alongside his usual collaborator PHILY. It is the first of a series of singles that he plans to release this year. It also marks a deviation from his sound, in which both artists search for new horizons to explore.

“Frida and Leon” is a break-up song that examines the expectations we build for ourselves of our loved ones, and how we often try to navigate each other’s past traumas to make our relationship work. Dirty Dev examines the relationship between the two characters of the track’s title and injects it with his own personal experiences. PHILY and Dirty Dev take us into an atmospheric soundscape in which Dirty Dev’s vocals reign over a dark-type beat that plays with our emotions with its echoes and hypnotic guitars. His hip-hop roots can be heard in the beats that make our heads bop to the rhythm.

Dirty Dev "Friday and Leon" artwork

“Frida and Leon” is a personal track from Dirty Dev and presents a new direction in his discography and sound that will surely please new and old fans alike. Make sure to give it a listen and do not miss it!

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