MÌNA captivating debut “Kay (feat. Jay Lansen)”

MÌNA’s debut single, “Kay” is a song that explores the meaning and consequences of falling in love with someone. Featuring awesome verses from French rapper Jay Lansen, this experimental flamenco-rap song will surely capture your attention just as the lyrics explore the feeling of developing a crush on someone.


MÌNA is a Greek singer, songwriter, and producer whose music is inspired by all parts of the world. The case of “Kay”, is a fusion of traditional flamenco instrumentation alongside traditional Greek music and harmonies. Added to the mix, are the rap verses by Jay Lansen, rapped entirely in French. As a result, becomes an unexpected track that develops and transforms, making it unique in the way by which both artists collaborate through their distinct talents.

“I met « Kay » and the feat. artist, Jay Lansen, on the same night. I had a crush on Kay and when Jay called me to see if I wanted to do a collaboration I wrote this song. It was meant to be an acoustic song, but I developed it and as I am a fan of Flamenco and Greek/Oriental music I wanted to try a mix of 808 bass and traditional percussion. Jay found out six months later for whom the song was written.” -MÌNA

“Kay” is a song about meeting someone and instantly wanting to form a deeper connection with them. How is this possible? How can we express how are we feeling? Both MÌNA and Kay tackle these questions through their unique perspectives, often using metaphors, rhymes, and music to their advantage. They hypnotize us with their flamenco guitars and their language. The song carries the strength that is characteristic of love at first sight.


Alongside the release of the single, the artist has released a music video that explores the complexities of love. It follows the singer-songwriter as she travels a tunnel, meeting various couples along the way, as Jay tries to catch a train that may go away. Don’t miss it!

Mina "Kay" artwork


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The debut single by MÌNA featuring Jay Lansen is a complex track that is a blend of different genres that work extremely well together that is also a powerful debut. If you love flamenco, pop, or rap, make sure to give “Kay” a listen!

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