Sombertrap thoughtful new single – “Reflection 2.0”

“Reflection 2.0” is the newest release by solo project Sombertrap! It is an instrumental track that invites the listener to let go of the ordinary world and enter into a deep state of thought, making them consider things that never crossed their mind. With a calming, thoughtful yet inviting melody and harmony, “Reflection 2.0” is a track you should not miss out on!

Sombertrap is a Sweden-based project that takes its roots from different genres. He is influenced by different artists that include Pink Floyd, Be Svendsen, First Aid Kits, and even pop acts such as Harry Styles. If something can describe his music, it could be his attention to detail. Each track is finely crafted, each note exactly where it needs to be to evoke an emotion or a thought. Sombertrap’s songs are all composed and produced at his home in Halmstad, Sweden.

I want people to feel something when they listen to my music, hopefully, something that makes them want to listen again. It’s hard to describe with words, but almost exclusively do I follow the path which evokes somber and thoughtful feelings. Maybe it’s a problem, but I feel I fare better at composing melodies than pitching them afterwards. Anyways, I hope people will give it a whirl. –Sombertrap

Through a thoughtful arrangement of chords and melodies, Sombertrap takes us to different emotions from moment to moment in “Reflection 2.0”. At first, we may find ourselves in a dark place, as if we were lost, but Sombertrap plays with his piano some melody, or even just a note, that instantly changes our mood. With just music alone, Sombertrap emulates a thought process complex enough with each note. It guides us and makes us realize things that we never thought we felt before. The result is a melancholic bittersweetness: As we remember the difficult times of our life, we also remember the good times.

Sombertrap "Reflection 2.0

“Reflection 2.0” is an instrumental track by Sombertrap that takes us to a new, unexplored place. A complex track that merits your attention!

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