Nina Ross’ Beautiful & Melancholic Cover of “Milk”

“Milk” is the debut single from vocalist, Nina Ross. It is a cover from Plastic Mermaids, an indie band hailing from Ross’ home Isle of Wight. Nina Ross transforms the electronic/psychedelic track into her own, by delivering an intimate track with a melancholic touch, where each of her voice inflections carries an emotional punch that leaves a mark on us. “Milk” becomes a new track that complements the original and at the same time stands on its own.


Nina Ross "Milk" Artwork

Nina Ross is based on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom. Her music is characterized by being dreamy, with personal lyrics and vocals infused with jazz. She is professionally trained as a jazz singer, and it shows through her expert use of trills and note precision, as well as how she can shift emotions with each note. “Milk” was made in collaboration with bassist and composer Jon Thorne.

This is a cover by amazing fellow Isle of Wight musicians Plastic Mermaids. I’m a massive fan of their eclectic sound and we even have a mutual drummer! They released an acoustic version of this song back in lockdown and I just knew I wanted to sing it… so here’s my version :). I hope you enjoy it!

“Milk” is about finding hidden emotions in a loved one and the impact that may carry. The artist experiments with these emotions through a technique in which she slowly reveals the hidden truths of the music. At first, it appears stripped down, with just her voice and a synth. But as the track progresses, it gains complexity, as if we were learning more about the person in the subject.

It creates an atmosphere that gently eliminates the sensation between real and dream. The track takes a melancholic turn of events: Nina Ross’s vocal delivery both implies she is letting herself tell the truth or even a half-truth. Alongside the track, Nina Ross made a music video that illustrates this boundary of truth and hidden emotion through complex, metaphorical images that we feel familiar with, yet cannot completely identify.


Nina Ross puts her signature on her cover “Milk”. This cover is personal, intimate, and something you cannot miss! It will release on April 7th, so make sure to pre-save it with the following link!


“I use the intimate and conversational storytelling style of my jazz singing whilst giving space for the listener to be drawn into a dreamy electronic down-tempo track with moments that soar offering emotional connection.”

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