Wilhelm’s awaited return with new single “The Creek”

Today’s featured single is the upcoming “The Creek” by folk rock act Wilhelm; His first release after three years! It is a mysterious and open-ended track that immerses us into a dreamlike atmosphere through its metaphorical lyrics and echoey instrumentations, marking an exciting return to form from the American singer-songwriter!


Included on the single is the song “You Were There, Sweet and Kind” an unreleased track recorded in a hotel room on a 4 track recorder.

Wilhelm first started as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Alex Riggen inspired by acts such as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and The Cure. It focused on folk-rock before evolving and adopting a unique and personal sound. Lush, atmospheric, and dreamy, Wilhelm has released a couple of albums Lance (2019) and Sugarcane (2020) on Spotify, but you can find even more music on his Bandcamp page feel free to take a look at it.

“The Creek” is his first release since 2020, serving as a window into the new direction the project is taking. It is composed and produced by Alex Riggen himself, with him playing the guitar, mellotron, mellotron, and vocals.

This new single plays around with the idea of memory, mystery, and metaphors. Its music, as well as its lyrics, may be described as an open plain. Wilhelm presents different harmonies and melodies, that may seem to have endless possibilities as to where they may go next. As such, he creates a sense of mystery and surprise.

The guitar sometimes sings alongside the vocals, and other times it goes its own way; The harmonic progression is one that allows him to fluctuate from distinct scales and modes. The listener is free to interpret the lyrics and the music in any way they may seem fit. This new track takes us to a mysterious place where we can explore and find ourselves once more.

Wilhelm gives old and new listeners a taste of his sound with “The Creek”. The single will be released on the 25th of this month so make sure to mark your calendars to give him a warm welcome back!

Wilhelm "The Creek"
The goal of releasing this single of “The Creek” is to break the 3-year span of no new Wilhelm releases and give listeners the chance to see what direction the project is headed”.

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