Catherine Elms- I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It

I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It starts of as a powerful heavy rock album and transforms into something completely different, as we follow Catherine Elms' emotional journey. She masterfully constructs a cinematic way to guide us through it in an original musical and lyrical sense. We experience anger, sadness, happiness and hope throughout is fourteen tracks, as we identify ourselves with its anecdotes and emotions.

Anita Eccleston- Gala Gardens

I became overwhelmed by world events, the War in Ukraine is devastating, and the pandemic has taken such a toll, I needed to find a way to feel in control of something. Using creation as my vehicle, I poured myself into this in March of 2022 as a sort of side project challenge. It became so much more to me. The name and titles were drawn from my connection to my garden and the natural world. My garden has been a safe haven for me, a place for serene reflection, which this album takes to heart. Golden Hour and Gala Gardens as a whole album is soothing like a balm.

BAAJ & BAAJ- “Sweet Earth”

"Sweet Earth" is a deep dive into adversity. How can we handle it in today's divided context? Baaj & Baaj constructs an atmosphere through his harmonic experimentation that invites us into this state deep reflection. As he builds up his ideas of how to live in the world, the harmonies and melodies seem to grow more and more complex as he transmits a heavy emotion of solidarity.

Stefan Dando- “Loser Anatomy”

I started writing this song 10 years ago, it was kind of math rocky pop punk back then though. The only thing that survived that early version was the name and the pre chorus. Everything else was rewritten. Most of the chord sequence stayed the same too, although the chorus is completely different. Expect honest, heartfelt songs that mean something to me. I hope they'll mean something to you too. -Stefan Dando

Language Games- Vignettes for a Sad Life

These songs represent moments in my life. The key word being “MY” life. So, use these as a sort of choose your adventure or starting point for things that occur for your stories. I will outline the different themes and characters and anything else I felt while making these songs. But like I said these should be used only as an outline. Try to make your own story. In the end just feel and don’t think then your story and life comes. As a great Buddhist said here is my circle now draw your circle, now follow your own circle. -Language Games

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