David McKinney- Phaneron

If anyone is hearing me for the first time I like for them to know that it means the world to me to be heard. Our time and attention is so valuable today so to be listened to just completes the music for me. I think of music as a vehicle for human connection, the songs are like little messages in a bottle that hopefully unfold and enrich someone else's day. David McKinney

Ferguson’s Daughter- Blissed Out Blues

An important message about “Panic Attacks in Loves” This song includes audio footage of a conversation during one of my panic attacks, and may be triggering for those living with mental illness. I’ve struggled with panic attacks throughout my life, and over the last two years, with the help of therapy, medication management, and incredible support from my husband Jordan, they have become something that I can live a full and happy life with. Thanks for the Support, Lindsey Plotner Ferguson's Daughter

The Wildwoods- “Thirteen Sailboats”

"Noah composed a poem where he imagined himself as a sailor, pondering all of his life choices and wondering what he could've been had he taken other paths and opportunities. Being cursed by the "what if", the sailor admires the fictitious character, 'Virginia', who represents all those who have found greater success, and lead seemingly happier lives than he. The sailor realizes that although her existence appears to be perfect from the outside, Virginia has struggles and tribulations within her own life" The Wildwoods

Katanak- “Weigh Down”

I was working in job that was that draining me and I wasn't able to focus on my passion for music. I was fortunate enough to land the role and play Jerry Scheff (TCB band) in the up coming Baz Lurhman 'Elvis' movie and it really just kick started my passion for music again. I came back straight from shooting Day 1 and just penned out the lyrics about how it felt to feel like I wasn't who I was supposed to be. When I'm really inspired the songs I write come out in an afternoon. It felt amazing to finally fall out of the funk I was in and put it in a song so others who feel the same way can share in the song. -Katanak

Jess Porter- “Overplayed”

"I wanted the strength of the melody and lyrics to shine through, which are important to me on this song. It's about meeting someone - a friend or a lover - you care deeply about, but you know it's just not the right time to be able to develop the relationship. You feel sad, but also thankful for the connection. I think everyone knows the feeling I'm talking about." -Jess Porter

Couvo – “How It’s Always Gonna Go”

This song is about the tension between the life you want and the life you live. Imagine it’s 5 pm. You’ve spent the afternoon in a bar, dreaming up your getaway plan from this day-to-day to something better. Will that ever happen? Or will things go one like they always have, with the same dead-end debts and drama that’s always been there? -Couvo

Nay Shalom- “Closure”

This piece actually came together very calmly, very naturally and became my own little haven after making a very big decision last year. I was really struggling (not Covid related) and it took a big chunk of courage to walk away from something that was destroying me. It felt so very bitter sweet and I had a huge sense of both release and relief to end it all, hence the title. I actually can't read music and have never had any lessons or grades so I play solely by ear". Nay Shalom

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