Roots Asylum’s new nostalgic single “Golden Hearts”

Today’s featured track is an exploration of nostalgia, friendship, memory, and loss. With their characteristic folk sound, Roots Asylum presents “Golden Hearts” a melancholic track that aims to capture the sentiment of a loss of friendship. Their storytelling abilities, as well as their masterful use of harmony and melody to establish an intimate tone, invites us to recall that one special friend that we hold dear even though time and other circumstances have distanced us…


Roots Asylum is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Throughout their career, they have delved into various genres such as folk, country, and Americana. Their acoustic sound and storytelling ability bring forward a sense of closeness. Thus, they generate an authentic bond with their listeners: We easily identify ourselves with their music, with the ideas and stories in each of their songs. “Golden Hearts”, their latest single, is no exception, being deeply inspired by the style of Roy Orbison and Iz Kamakawiwo’ole.

“Golden Hearts” is a nostalgic look at a past friendship that, unfortunately, is no more. “I know we’re over now” are the words that open the gate through memory, through each moment we have spent together, good or bad. Roots Asylum expertly crafts a sense of intimacy with its harmonies, opening the symbolic boundaries of our memory to transform the track into a personal message that is different depending on each listener. They invite us to recall someone that was once close to our hearts. The vocals create a warm sensation that facilitates this atmosphere, as if they were the voice of our memory, guiding us through those moments.

“Golden Hearts” by Roots Asylum is an introspective journey of how people can influence our life, even though they may not participate in it anymore. It is a folk track with an emotional strength; an experience and an experiment on memory itself. It is a track that you should not miss out!

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