Beth Sarah – “Let Her Go”

Embracing change is something difficult to achieve. First, it requires deep introspection as we must recognize that there are aspects of our lives that we are unhappy about and that we desire to change about ourselves. We must prepare ourselves to struggle and face every obstacle in our way. A long journey is ahead of us, but reaching our goal guarantees a form of liberation, of finding ourselves once more: Our new face. Beth Sarah’s upcoming album Let Her Go paints a picture of this process. Today’s featured track is the lead single of this album which also gives it its name. “Let Her Go” is a track that looks back to the person we once were and lets them go. It is a track that comes from a personal place that nonetheless is able to resonate deeply with everyone through its lyrics and music.


Beth Sarah’s passion for music began when she was a teenager. Since then, she has always had a special place for music in her heart. However, due to different life circumstances, she had to put music aside for a while. Let Her Go marks a return to her passion, and stronger than ever before! The album is an autobiographical facet of her life, as it captures her transformation in her life, leaving what she once was and showing herself to the world as a new and better version. As such, Let Her Go is a powerful track full of hope and the belief that change is possible! It features Beth Sarah at the vocals and the guitar, James Howard at the keys, Dom Pallat at the bass, and Dom Myers at the drums.

I had a first attempt at a music career in my late teens and was almost part of a band organised by the same guy who paid for the Spice Girls. Unfortunately it didn’t work out at that time! I became a parent and I tried to continue performing and recording, but my second child has additional needs and I had to put music to one side and concentrate on being the best mum I could be for many years. While doing that, I kind of lost sight of myself and became something I didn’t really recognise. I would say no if offered a gig or festival, and I rarely went out to watch anyone else play (in fact, I attended my first proper music concert in 2018 at the age of 36). I was stuck in a cycle of refusing to allow myself any freedom. However, this all changed at the end of 2019 when I experienced a traumatic event. Everything that I had been trying to hold together for so many years fell apart completely and I have gone through a process of gradual healing since that point, learning new ways of seeing the world and embracing life rather than trying to suppress my creativity.

My forthcoming album (from which “Let Her Go” is the title track) documents this process. It starts with a song about addiction to things that aren’t healthy and goes through the story of breaking away, allowing myself to let go of the shell of who I used to be, and fighting against the anxiety that comes with change.

Beth SaraH

“Let Her Go” is the ray of hope in a dark tunnel. Its sounds wrap us as if it were a ray of sunshine, making us feel warm in the cold winter. Beth Sarah manages to create a cozy soundscape that invites us to be ourselves, to express ourselves, and to think, for one moment, about what we can change. “Let Her Go” begins with a deep introspection that grows into action, until we see ourselves in the past and can no longer identify ourselves with who we once were. We are in a better place, and “Let Her Go” makes this clear with its music and lyrics, the latter of which uses powerful metaphors to paint an unknown journey that may scare us at first but we must take it in order to change. It all begins with letting go, something that is difficult to do since we have become comfortable with a version of ourselves that isn’t the best one, and letting it go means risking it all. But Beth Sarah says with “Let Her Go” that, if we truly believe there is someone better inside ourselves, we must take this risk and that all will be worth it in the end.

“The lyrics for me are deeply poignant and my hope is that they will resonate with others who are experiencing change, giving them the fight and focus to get through to the other side. It all starts with letting go, which is why I chose “Let Her Go” as the title track as it encompasses the whole album.” -Beth Sarah

With “Let Her Go”, Beth Sarah offers an exciting first track for her upcoming album self-titled album. It is a deep track that is also a promise of what is to come. You can pre-save this single now and give Let Her Go a listen when it releases on December 30th!


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