S J Denney’s vibrant new single “Shadows in the Night”

S J Denney has made a name for himself throughout his musical journey. His songs are easily recognizable due to his storytelling and thought-provoking lyrics. But if something is clear with his approach to songwriting, is that he is not afraid to experiment with new genres and sounds.

Such is the way with his newest single “Shadows in the Night” in which he adopts flamenco and gives it the characteristic S J Denney twist. This track is full of images that transit a cinematic feel to the story told through music: a Spaghetti Western with a flamenco soundtrack.


S J Denney is based in Essex in the United Kingdom. He has played in various bands as well as in a solo act, releasing various singles and EPs through the years. Since he was young, he has found a fascination with music theory, which drove him to study music from throughout the world. “Shadows in the Night” is derived from flamenco. After studying the genre, S J Denney wrote the main harmonic progression and phrases and recruited help from guitarist Manuel Montero, cornetist Gianluca Cucco, and percussionist Malick Mbengue.

“Shadows of Night” quickly establishes its atmosphere through a flamenco guitar solo that introduces us to the story and the mood that S J Denney will drive us through. A lonely guitar is soon joined by more guitars and percussion with a classic flamenco cadence. S J Denney then begins telling us the story of an unlikely encounter, that may or may not have fatal consequences.

The Spaghetti Western appears in the form of a muted trumpet solo played by Gianluca Cucco, which metaphorically paints us the picture of a desert, a distant land that stretches all up until the horizon. “Shadows of the Night” proves that S J Denney tells story by not only using his lyrics but also through his music: It speaks to us with each chord, each harmony, and each melody. In this way, he creates lush, vibrant worlds that feel alive with each of his songs.


“My aim was to create a flamenco song that crossed over into the Spaghetti Western genre. I’m really happy with the results.” S J Denney

S J Denney’s music is complex, as “Shadows in the Night” proves. With each new release, he transforms and experiments with his music, while keeping what makes it so characteristic in the first place. Do not miss out on this new single!

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