Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Robert Kirkbride sweet and complex Always Becoming

Always Becoming is the newest collaboration by Melissa Grey, David Morneau, and Robert Kirkbride! This EP combines their talent to bring us an atmospheric dream-pop sound that offers us an escape from reality. Sweet and complex at the same time, the melodies of this instrumental EP make us recall the passage of seasons and time. Always Becoming is a beautiful examination of memory through music.


Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Robert Kirkbride "Always Becoming"

Melissa Grey & David Morneau are a duo of composers and producers. Their music is designed as an exploration of a theme in mind: For example, space, time, nature, language, and dance. This allows them to experiment with musical form in unconventional, yet exciting new ways. Robert Kirkbride is a guitarist, professor, author, and designer interested in the interplay of memory and placemaking.

The trio has released Always Becoming as a musical essay on the relationship between music and the cycles of life. It was composed by Kirkbride, Grey, and Morneau, with Kirkbride playing the guitar, Morneau the trombone, and Grey the theremin and the guitar feedback. The EP was mixed and masted by Grey and Morneau.

The four tracks of Always Becoming, “Being”, “Always”, “Ever” and “Becoming”, were designed to be played endlessly on loop. In this way, the EP takes the structure of life itself, seeming infinite in both space and time. Each track may have been designed to represent the four seasons, showing us how the circle of life contains within itself even more cycles.

These artists go even further beyond this exploration. Each of the four tracks of the EP consists of Kirkbride’s guitar playing harp-like arpeggios while being accompanied by Grey and Morneau’s production. The cycle of arpeggios through distinct chord progressions marks the passage of time. Each track transforms with and through time itself and introduces the listener to a zen state: Suddenly we find ourselves as if we were outside of time in a dream.

Melissa Grey & David Morneau and Robert Kirkbride’s Always Becoming is a statement on music, memory, cycles, and time. To celebrate its release, the trio has released a set of illustrations that show a visual representation of the ideas of the album, as well as an essay on humanity’s view on cycles written by Kirkbride. This new release is a complex EP that merits your listening, it’s a thing of beauty, so do not miss it!

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