Prince of Sweden’s sweet new EP “Kicking Out Time”

Prince of Sweden is back after the release of his live EP Live From a Dark Room and his follow-up single “Garrison Lane”, London-based singer-songwriter has released his most mature work yet: the EP Kicking Out Time. This new release encompasses all of the musical ideas that he has been developing since the start of his career.

It includes sweet, melodious guitars, an old-timey indie rock feel with modern production, and nostalgic and melancholic metaphors that transmit to us a sense of longing and his characteristic vocals. The result is a powerful EP that leaves us awestruck.

Prince of Sweden is an alternative rock project based in South London. He has distinguished himself from other acts through his unique sound and vocals. His music plays homage to indie rock, but finds its unique voice through the sense of timelessness they evoque: They feel retro, yet at the same time modern.

This is due to Prince of Sweden’s songwriting technique, which mixes different instruments, harmonies, and melodies that seem to stem from very distinct eras and mixes them into the same song. His vocals are full of emotions that he may easily transmit. The four tracks of Kicking Out Time convey very distinct atmospheres that yet offer a very complex image of heartbreak and landscapes.

“The View from the Top Rope” mixes old-time rock and roll ballads and jazz. Its synths seem to come out straight from the 50s. As the track builds up and reaches its climax, it strikes us with a nostalgic chorus, surrounding us with its melancholic tone. “A Little Candlelight” plays with the mixture of distinct musical colors of its various guitars with Prince of Sweden’s vocals.

They leave us with a rock ballad that takes us through a trip in our memory. “For Kathleen” paints a picture of an unknown woman that little by little we get to know. We uncover the mystery of the past, of memory, as if we remembered someone we did not know we had forgotten. The title track “Kicking Out Time”, closes the EP. It is less than a minute long, but it somehow wraps everything together, the whole album, through its simple, yet nostalgic melody that makes us remember all of our time, it’s a great way to close this work.


Kicking Out Time shows us how Prince of Sweden’s talent has evolved throughout his musical career, marking a new bold direction that he has built up with his previous work. Do not miss this EP!

Prince of Sweden Kicking out Time

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