Feyer’s outstanding EP “Bridging the Gaps”

“This EP was birthed out of the Covid-19 pandemic when everything felt so uncertain. Outwardly with the uncertainty in the world, but inwardly too, I was struggling with my own future and the future of the music world in general. So, I hunkered down in my home studio and continued making the music I felt passionate about. This album, released steadily over the last few years, will complete a 2-year-long creative journey that is essentially closing out both a full musical chapter and my 20s as a whole.” Feyer

Carl Liungman delves into the fleeting nature of love in astounding new EP “Affection & Absence”

"Affection & Absence" by Carl Liungman home of 4 pieces, the slow-paced and calm EP takes a form of a little storyteller starting off with the sprouting of love, and ending with notes of sadness longing for the flurry of emotions that was just there before.

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