S J Denney- Four Reasons to Fly

The EP was recorded in the cabin at the end of my garden. Due to other commitments, most parts were done in the early hours of the morning. My approach to making music changed significantly before this record, with a focus of including a wide variety of world instruments. The EP is my first to feature a horn section, string section, harp and duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument). - S J Denney

Grant Borland “Fragments EP”

"I was really inspired by composers such as Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. Both composers give so much life to the piano, and it's taught me to listen to piano music much differently. I think some of that influence can be heard on some tracks on this EP, but it's also very much authentic to my own sound too. I have a background in writing cinematic music for advertisements, trailers, commercials, etc...., so I think there is that undertone that probably separates my work from others. While this album feels experimental, I've been told my close friends and family that it also sounds like something that could be part of a movie score as well." Grant Borland

DCxPC LIVE Vol. 6 PRESENTS – Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room (Original EP)

With the usual quality of the DCxPC Live recordings, here comes another fierce and powerful Live EP. Two bands, five tracks, a lot of Punk. Featuring high-gained guitars, metallic basses, nasty drums and gritty vocals, this EP continues the legacy of the Orlando-based label DCxPC.

Parallel – Parallel (Original EP)

Parallel’s self-titled EP is quite an impressive debut release, and a compellingly engaging listen throughout; at the same time that the songs on the EP convey the wistful feelings of isolation that listeners will surely relate to, their powerfully dreamy atmospheres also bring about a relaxing sense of tranquility. Highly recommended. 

David McKinney- Phaneron

If anyone is hearing me for the first time I like for them to know that it means the world to me to be heard. Our time and attention is so valuable today so to be listened to just completes the music for me. I think of music as a vehicle for human connection, the songs are like little messages in a bottle that hopefully unfold and enrich someone else's day. David McKinney

Vanderwolf “When The Fire Grows Cold”/”Extinction!”

“I had produced a tribute to Wyatt in NYC many years ago. Fred Frith, Peter Blegvad, Hugh Hopper and many others appeared. Robert gave it his official nod of support. When I moved to London to produce my first Meltdown Festival, Robert seemed the obvious choice to curate it, and from that, a lovely friendship evolved. Of course, it was daunting asking him to sing something I’d written. I know he gets a lot of proposals of which he turns down nearly all. But happily, he said yes. He said he thought he could sing this set of lyrics— and commented about the possibility of singing about his father. It was a huge relief to me.’’ Vanderwolf

The Lowtones – Front Row Empty

All the tracks were written during the height of the pandemic and I think the uncertainty, anxiety, and isolation of the time comes through in the music. Mav had recently come out of a long-term relationship as well as moving back to Norfolk from Brighton, so a lot of the lyrical themes are of reflection and 'starting again'” Jack Abbott / The Lowtones

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