Das Elite – “Landslide”

"Again very late I was reading in bed when this idea just came, a small melody line. So I instantly got up and started to make a simple demo and wrote the lyrics. I imagined something dystopian, but still beautiful, when you're high up on a mountain or a roof with someone you feel comfortable with in the silence and the beauty of the night. Even if everything around you has fallen apart, that kind of moment in peace was how I proceeded producing the track". - Das Elite

Dylan Goff “Untethered (Side Two) EP”

"Thank you for listening and I hope you like my songs! You can expect lyric heavy, acoustic guitar-based music that is definitely indie-folk, but vocally I probably sound more like Matt Berninger or Eddie Vedder than the more folky artists of the genre, albeit with an Irish accent. Fans of Frightened Rabbit might also like my music, as they are a huge influence on me." Dylan Goff

Winchester 7 & the Runners – “Uke Rock”

The EP consists of seven tracks, approximately a 26-minute voyage by virtue of synth-wavy, part-experimental, part-roots-rock n’ roll exposition. However, when ordering it on Bandcamp, the album also includes a bonus track, “Bizarre Love Triangle”- a New Order cover. A nice “crescendo” to the overall experience.

Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé “Feel The Love (Redux Version)”

"Feel The Love" is a song that seeks to reinvigorate that spark and to remind of all those reasons that brought the lovers together in the first place. Built as a duet, the single shines with wonderful vocals, caressing synths, and gentle percussion that slowly makes way to a dancy groove that invites to get up and dance.

Indoor Friends – “Is It All Melting?”

Kat Delitto (Lead guitar), Krista Marie Setera (ukulele, vocals), Ben Bonadies (Bass) and Matt Wilson (Drums) came together musically to create songs that are both technically challenging and full of emotion. Lyrics are deeply personal, spanning from romantic disasters to emotional struggles and an inside rage that seems to only dissipate thanks to the high-gained riffs and superb drum playing.

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