Davide Anniballi calmness & optimism on “A Great Day”

Have you ever heard a track that just oozes comfort and a promise of a hopeful future that awaits? Today’s featured track generates this sensation without the need for lyrics! “A Great Day” by composer Davide Anniballi is an orchestrated version of his own song that was released a year ago.

Heavily inspired by classical music, the piece establishes through its harmonies, melodic phrases, and leitmotifs a serene atmosphere that tells us that all will be all right. It is accompanied by a video that transmits its calm, melodic feeling through the movement of the dancers and the choreography. Through these techniques, Davide Anniballi offers a unique experience that makes us feel as if we were floating on air, gently being carried by the breeze.


Davide Anniballi is based in Italy. A composer and soloist, he has been releasing a high influx of pieces, proving himself of being an expert in transmitting and generating emotions with his complex and harmonious techniques, mainly inspired by classical music. “A Great Day” is his newest release after his previous track “Red Wine A Maurizia“. It is a collaboration with producer Michele Pellicani, who was in charge of the arrangement and mastering of the track.

“A Great Day” is based on simple, yet touching melodies, that appear throughout the piece. By repeating this melodic phrase, Davide offers a sense of comfort and familiarity. Once the listener has identified and internalized this phrase, the composer transforms it by slightly modifying its presence in the track.

For example, various instruments repeat it at various points of the track, as if they were having a conversation: first the piano, then the strings. Then, the strings flow through a series of arpeggios that flow up and down, until the piano and other instruments retake the phrase alongside a chorus. The sensation we are left with is of gently taking flight, observing our surroundings before returning once again to the ground. The melodic phrase changes keys throughout the piece, which suggests that we have arrived at a new, unexplored destination from where we were.

To accompany the track, Anniballi Davide has released a video that further illustrates this sense of weightlessness through the body itself. Three dancers take the center stage as they seem to float through the air. As with the track, the video generates a sense of calmness with unspoken optimism!

“A Great Day” is a piece that none others. With his music, Davide Anniballi speaks more than a thousand words, proving that his talent lies on another level! Do not miss this piece!

Davide Anniballi "A Great Day"

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