Davide Anniballi “Red Wine – A Maurizia”

“Music expresses everything I cannot say.” That statement stands on the Spotify profile of today’s artist and speaking the truth. Listening to his newest single further proves that point by offering sonic landscapes that awaken vibrant imagery. Everything you feel is correct.

The story of Davide Anniballi is one of those that is nothing short of inspiring. Hailing from Pezaro, Italy, he’s a 57 years old math teacher, who has recently taken up composing his original pieces on the piano. His love for music, especially classical has followed the man for a long time and inspired him to create his own personal world of music, filled with gentle arpeggios, sparkling notes, and a whole lot of soul. He may not be a professional musician, but what comes out from his fingertips sounds simply divine.

His newest piece carries the title “Red Wine – A Maurizia“. It’s a simple, but strongly spirited piece written in dedication to the artist’s cousin Maurizia. Swaying between the calm serene times and the colorful, sparkling, and almost explosive runs, it sounds delightful and warm. The piano melodies are lined with gentleness and love going hand in hand with passion and sheer amount of life. All those features paint the image of a memorable and inspiring person. The richness of melodic harmonies also feels almost luxurious, making a strong and pretty exciting contrast with the overall simplicity.

It’s a beautiful piece full of wonderful melodies. Considering what state the world is in now, the single also presents a much-needed break from all the bad news – the sparkle of this piece sashes it all away, and the gentle caresses your soul. Red wine for your spirit!

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