Slim Loris- Red Loris Yellow Loris

Acclaimed Swedish band Slim Loris has reunited and released a full length album after 7 years! Red Loris Yellow Loris marks a new direction for the band, experimenting with new genres and sounds based on 60’s pop and 90’s indie rock, alongside a touch of Americana, offering an emotional and personal album with a bold proposal and a unique sound that will make you want to push replay.

Slim Loris is a Swedish band formed by singer/bassist Mattias Cederstam, guitarist Robert Berrefelt, drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer/guitarist Leon Lindstörm. After releasing three albums, the band had to take a hiatus due to personal setbacks. They regrouped in 2017, now stronger than ever, with a new focus on their sound. Through these years, Slim Loris joined forces with producer Pecka Hammarstedt to release various EPs and singles, which include the EP Wild and Untamed which includes the “Hideaway” with almost 18K streams on Spotify only, both of which received acclaim from both critics and general audiences.

Red Loris Yellow Loris marks their return to full-length releases. The album is a statement of their new sound, showing a transformation both musically and thematically.

The backstory of the album is that we had to take a year-long break as a band due to family and health situations. I was left to my own accord but was given the blessing by the rest of the band to do a Slim Loris album as I saw fit. So I teamed up with our long-time producer Pecka Hammarstedt and together we played around with ideas that ended up being as Red Loris Yellow Loris. Listeners will hopefully find our music recognizable but original at the same time. Like you´ve picked up an old vinyl for your collection and realized you’ve never actually played it before. –Mattias Cederstam, Slim Loris

Red Loris Yellow Loris is an examination of nostalgia and childhood. Even though each of the nine tracks of the album is wonderfully composed and produced, they tackle a retro-like sound that embodies the era they pay homage to. From 60’s pop to 90’s punk-pop, the album has a childlike approach to each of the genres and tracks that aim to awaken our inner child, oftentimes appealing to our senses like in the rock tracks “Sticky Toffee Pudding” or “Dragonfly Born on a Rainy Day”. Slim Loris presents harmonic structures that seem new and old at the same time. For example, “17 again” tackles a pop track that takes us straight back to high school on its themes, melodies, and harmonies, while “The Herd” takes us into an Americana-infused trip to the desert, making a folk genre feel new again. But as the band explores retro-genres, they also array into more contemporary sounds in tracks such as “Burden of Youth” and “Let Me In”. Red Loris Yellow Loris presents a diverse emotional and personal exploration of music, memory, and childhood, as we can observe with tracks like “Someone Alike”, “One for the Road” and “Awkward Boy”.

Slim Loris has come back swinging after their hiatus with the strong album Red Loris Yellow Loris. An exciting array into their new sound; it is an album that marks their new direction, and one you should not miss!

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