Richard Tyler Epperson- A Wandering Mind

The long-running career of indie singer-composer Richard Tyler Epperson stretches into new territory with his fourth album A Wandering Mind released on January 1st of 2023! The album features a new approach to his characteristic sound that he has been building through the years with intimate DIY electronic music that reflects on deep themes to form a connection with his audience and himself. A Wandering Mind is Richard Tyler Epperson’s most ambitious project and one you should LISTEN NOW!!!

Richard Tyler’s musical journey has nearly reached a decade. Throughout this time, he has released a variety of singles and multiple, critically acclaimed albums. From 2013 with the release of Falling Between The Stars, to his second release Hourglass in 2014 and the release of his EP Another Day in 2021, his ambitions have only grown further. He builds each of his tracks from the ground up, allowing himself to always include a personal touch and extreme attention to detail. The extent of his work culminates with A Wandering Mind: an album with mesmerizing, complex music and touching lyrics.

“A Wandering Mind is my 4th project. I started recording in January of this year. My writing approach to this project has been completely different from my last 3.”

Richard Tyler Epperson

To give us a taste of what A Wandering Mind, Richard Tyler has released a single, with more to come in the future! “Take is Slow” is an upbeat track that reflects on the meaning of life and the decisions we take. It features a blend of synths, drum machines, and guitars that make up the atmospheric soundscape for which he has been known. This intimacy draws us in and makes us feel a deep connection with the meaning of the track. His thoughts and reflections reach us in a special way. Also releasing on August 23 is “So Stuck On You“. A calmer, lo-fi minimalistic track about being in love, about not being able of getting that special person out of our minds even though they are gone. A trip-hop an inspired track with echoey vocals and a catchy chorus that stays with us. This track also features an awesome beat to vibe with as its climax!

“Another big difference with this project is I re-wrote most all these songs multiple times. I don’t usually do that.”

Richard Tyler Epperson

The rest of the singles of the album will be released at some point before the full release on January 1st! “Sunrise” (RD 10/25/22 ) features the difficulties of depression in a cinematic, way; “2 AM” (RD 09/13/22)is about a relationship gone sour; “We All Need Some Love” (RD 01/01/23) is a blues inspired charming track about need to be alongside a lover; “A Beautiful Day” is an optimistic track about sharing time with someone; and “Living Within My Thoughts” (RD 11/15/22) mixes the acoustic with electronic and rock, blending all of the styles that have made Richard Tyler Epperson so known for!


“The last main thing was the editing and molding of the songs. I tried to really limit any dead space within the song and have them under 4 mins if I could without losing anything. That was a tough one, but I think when listening to the album everything flows well and doesn’t drag on. I’m very pound of the collection of songs, I think each is unique while the album still maintains that cohesive sound.”

Richard Tyler Epperson

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