Mya Luv “Elevation of Luv”

“I have produced this EP in collaboration with my friend, who is also a musician and artist. We both used our complementary skills in order to produce both of our EPs. (…) By the end of 2020, I had already written many songs. I usually compose them on the guitar. And I was determined to release my first project, so I was actively looking for a producer to help me do that.” Mya Luv

Nina Blu “Pomegranate”

As a fruit of temptation, the pomegranate stands against most of the social norms and all of the religious and righteous paths (that is, in the case of religions based on rejecting impure desires). As such, Pomegranate is a fitting name for an exploration of the risk and reward dilemma born from the struggle of conforming yourself to people’s expectations of allowing yourself to act according to your real self. 

Hannah Lamb “I need u”

“I need u was born from a situation I found myself in with a friend. I think we hear a lot of songs about troubles in romantic relationships and perhaps not so many about the things we go through with our friends. I really wanted to express that I knew I had made mistakes but that I still hoped we wouldn’t lose each other. Friendships can be really intense experiences and I wanted to capture that with I need u.” Hannah Lamb


“I wrote this track entirely from my bedroom, at a point when I wanted to develop into different genres and expand my sound. The song came easily and organically, as over lockdown, I’d spent a lot of time overthinking things, and I wanted to write about the feeling of being present, and in the moment.” RYA

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