Maie “Like You”

Focused on the duality she battles against every day Like You places at its very core the identity of the self. Touching upon alienation, similarities, and the knowledge that you’re so close yet so far away from belonging somewhere, the song is Maie’s exploration of her relationship with the physical reality. 

Justina Shandler “Stamina”

“Stamina was written about my endurance when it comes to chasing boys. I used to love the chase. Now that it’s been over a year since I wrote it, the meaning has shifted for me. Now – it’s about my resilience and relentless pursuit of truth and following the path that lights me up the most.

LAWRN “Everything”

Yet the band keeps this easy-to-digest sound captivating, and a best showcase of their talent and own sound is displayed as we near the song’s outro, where a synth solo that’s full of life and euphoria is awaiting listeners to make sure they’re never able to forget this song.

Jaia Lyne “Mad At Myself”

“I’m notorious for fantasizing about a life with the person I’m dating,” Lyne shared. “So, when I started dating a guy that lived 3 hours away from me I told myself not to do that. And well, old habits seem to die hard because I wrote “Mad At Myself” shortly after.”

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