Kaysien – Portals

"Collectively I feel we are being pushed and pulled in directions mostly against our will and with no true conclusion to this modern saga in sight I wrote this song to relieve a sense of stagnation, to reaffirm the fact that life is change and that our internal worlds can be much different to the grim realities of the material. It is a counterpoint to depression." - Kaysien

A.B. Violet “Check Your Feelings”

Check Your Feelings was written as a way to check in with myself when I was feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. Literally to remind to myself to stop and take a breath, before things got too much. I know we can all feel this way sometimes. For me, as for many others, it’s an important part of mental health management and we sometimes need reminding to take a step back from the rush of everyday life and check in with ourselves- and others!" A.B. Violet

Kaiyah Mercedes “New Year’s Resolutions”

"My songs are almost always sad. I write about sadness in every way I can, from folk songs, to soft rock, to pop, and then to ballads like this one. There is so much to be said about heartbreak and mental health struggles and sadness, and I hope my songs can give other young, sad teenagers something to relate to." Kaiyah Mercedes

Red Skies Mourning- Red Skies Mourning

After the release of various singles during the year, Red Skies Mourning has released his eponymous debut album. Red Skies Mourning features all of his previous singles alongside three new brand new tracks full of synth pop atmospheric soundscapes that evolve and transform from track to track, with a powerful sound that swiftly lifts up the listener of the ground and makes them fly away to distant places.


"A long creative process has seen us change our approach to songwriting and what boundaries we could push compared to our previous efforts. It became quite clear that we didn't want to write standard structured songs all of the time and instead explore some different ground. We feel that not only have we managed to include our style of music within the record, but that we have evolved it." - BlimeyOhRiley


Beginning with a sinister intro of distorted guitars and hellish synths that give you the chills, the track immediately lays the foundations of the chaos that's about to come. Mishkin opens the first verse with her melodious, yet menacing voice, later joined by Hana in the chorus. The instrumentation gives the sensation of being in a dark opera, that slowly builds up into an explosion of drums, guitars and screaming vocals.

James & Paul- Tabula Rasa

A few of the songs on this album are reworking from tracks that didn’t make it on the first album. Skyscraper Highs for example was a slow ballad that we speeded up to the much rockier version. As regards our songs generally we have enough ideas for another 2 albums and have plans to start recording our third album soon. We are also constantly writing new material. This is a bit frustrating as we would be in the studio all the time if we had the time and money to do this. We will continue to record songs with different musical styles and make more videos when we get time. -James & Paul

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