The Goons – “DCxPC Live Vol. 5: The Goons Live At The Black Cat”

"During the first week of sales, all purchasers will be entered into a raffle to win the corresponding VML Live album. For example, this is DCxPC Live Vol. 5, so we will raffle off VML Live Vol. 5 Presents Sloppy Seconds. The album also includes a reversible cover, so fans can choose whether to display the class VML style or the band photo cover style."

Lord Sonny the Unifier Offers Sound Advice

Out of this questioning came more questions, some relief, much introspection and the realization that, among other things, the “politricks” we’re subjected to are in the best interests of the already affluent. The only power we have over the oppressors is what we create in our lives and the love we share with our people. They don’t have that, and we do, and that's more powerful than anything. Greg JIritano AKA Lord Sonny the Unifier

DAVA’s Journey Back from Self Discovery

Our true liberation lies on the other side of our emotional pain. It is not possible to avoid it or to walk away from it. The only way is to head straight for it, embrace it fully and walk through with an open heart. I wrote this song called “Back To Myself” to remind you that we are in this all together and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! DAVA on the meaning of the new single

What Strange Beasts – “Cat’s Paw”

"We built this album around a space theme to reflect on feelings of distance, isolation, loss, introspection, and ultimately the relief of interpersonal connection. We wrote that which we felt while hunkered down in our own 'space ships' through the harrowing trials, and the few stolen moments of joy, of a global pandemic. As a lyric notes: "Every hour's a gift: The signals, the noise, the sorrows and joys." - What Strange Beasts

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