Ayrton Jimenez – “I’m Sure”

British-born Ayrton Jimenez just released a gorgeous new track called “I’m Sure”, and it’s as delicate as it is a new sound for him. The powerful lovestruck ballad marks Ayrton trying some new ambient sounds that work beautifully with his melodies and vocals, bringing his songwriting to new heights.

“”I’m Sure” was originally written some time ago purely acoustically – I picked it up again recently and decided to start experimenting with some electric guitar licks over the top. The song started to take on a new sound and so I started recording!”, he says excitedly about his new direction. And we should be too; his past singles have been lovely pieces of indie folk, but on this new release he sounds fuller, richer and more mature than ever.

The new single talks honestly about falling in love and embracing everything that comes with it. It’s a song about recognizing that no one is perfect, including himself, and about accepting the other person as they are and not trying to change anything about them (or himself). It’s about falling in love in the purest way possible. It’s rare for a love song to be this vulnerable about the singer’s own flaws, and it makes Ayrton sound incredibly human as he sings it. “I’ll rest my head on my hands and I’ll understand I’m sure It’s you that I love, and that keeps filling me up, I’m sure, it’s you I’m looking for” he bares on the lyrics, evoking both Eric Clapton and Conor Oberst as he does it.

Ayrton Jimenez keeps proving with each new release that soon his will be a powerhouse of a name, being able to embrace his latin roots and incorporating beautiful elements of his heritage along the way. “I’m Sure” is a soft masterpiece, showcasing his talent as a songwriter as well as a producer.

I’m Sure” IS OUT NOW!

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