Shyli Madhala – “Hysteria”

"As a woman with Endometriosis, I believe that my diseased genes go all the way back to the 19th century, when women were locked up and institutionalized for being women, and further back to the days when wise women were killed for being witches. I've learned to internalize this pain; this song is a reminder to set myself free." - Shyli Madhala

Rye Catchers – “Sometimes”

Behind the vibey, electropop sound lies an internal dialogue – one that wrestles with the inner and outer world, reconciling the two, and going slightly mad. I wanted the conflict to remain light-hearted and not become heavy, but I also wanted to counter-balance the summery pop feel with a struggle, and opted for an internalized wrestling match where the singer seems almost content being her own zany person, perhaps a little nostalgic, as she comes to terms with the modern world that she shuns as she dances naked in her own mind and spins old school vinyl. David McClintick Roberts

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