Andrea Ward – “Awake at Night”

Hailing from New York City, multi-instrumentalist and artist Andrea Ward is back with a new single and it’s the most interesting one. “Awake at Night”, her latest song, sees Andrea continuing on her experimental pop project with expansive percussions, vocal harmonies, and an all-around coolness factor.

Her music falls somewhere between Björk’s Medúlla and FKA twigs’ LP1 with a dash of Fiona Apple just for the hell of it. Needless to say, her sounds are incredible and captivate the listener like few other artists are capable of doing. The way in which Andrea uses percussion and unique instruments and arrangements feels absolutely fresh and new, and she manages to not let the experimental side overpower the accessibility of her songs. In the simple yet gorgeous music video for “Awake at Night”, we get a glimpse of her creative process in the studio and it feels like a privilege.

Aside from being a musician, Andrea is also a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker; and because of all that there is a constant sense of motion to her songs, and very vivid lyrics and images. In “Awake at Night” she sings about dreaming, mistaking her dreams for reality and a very interesting mix of struggling to sleep and also struggling to wake up. It’s a remarkable song, indeed. Andrea has a way of making music that has an eerie atmosphere to it, but it never gets overly dark and sounds optimistic instead.

The great news is that “Awake at Night”, alongside other great past singles, will appear in her debut album Ribbon of Water due in late January. It won’t take much longer for us to be able to listen to more from her, and I personally am eagerly waiting for more.

Awake at Night


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    1. Hi, Andrea, so glad you feel this way, for us is a pleasure to have so talented musicians as you on the blog. Thank you for the music!!! Best wishes my friend, all the best!!!

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