Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – “The Destination”

I don’t even know what this track is. “The Destination” has arrived, ready to implode our minds and make us question reality. What’s real? What’s fake? Is it all meaningless? Let’s find out together. OUT NOW!

What’s going on boys and girls! Welcome back. It’s your psychedelic traveler, MadZen, and today we will get weeeeiiirddd with a release that is not only NOT Pop, but it fails to fit into any standardised category. I’m not even sure to call it experimental, I actually believe this is just how these guys roll. Let’s get to it!

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat is a Boston-based Psychedelic/Post-punk/Alternative Rock duo… These 80’s Post-punk veterans, originally members of the band Native Tongue, have loads of experience on their backs and have seen the world change, including the music-making technology. Their music has been described as: cool, grooving, swaggering, psychedelic, experimental, wild, infectious, chaotic, and unique.

“The Destination” is their most recent release, following their previous single Opposite Poles, and it presents an odd dance of drunken guitars, tipsy drums, and a bass that can’t seem to find its glasses. Groovy, electronic, and a bit out of its head, this track wasn’t made for the regular listener. This track sounds as if you’d get into a drunk fist fight with a Russian and a grizzly bear, both high on LSD, and no one is able to hit each other.

Lee Leffler and Michael Frackelton have kept their same uncompromising sensibilities throughout the years, which can be heard in the sounds they create. A wild and unique experience indeed that forces us to bail in or bail out, there’s not in between. So, what’s it gonna be?

¡Listen now!

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