Pullstring – “The Only Thing”

"A lot of our music is written by young adults who are trying to figure out their way through life and it really resonates with those in a similar position. There are so many paths in life and often times, we get burned out trying to walk down as many as we can even when we don't want to. That said, we hope our paths will cross with anyone who resonates with our music. Cheers!" - Pullstring

Luke Frees – “Most Of The Time”

"The a-side, Most Of The Time, began with the concept to write about how the worst part of breaking up is all the jokes and anecdotes you shared with someone start to fade away, and you realize pretty soon they won't exist to anybody anymore. It's got a haunting violin part played by my very good friend Corwin Zekley, who I've collaborated with a lot in the past." - Luke Frees

Signal Static – “Objects of Affection”

"We had signed on with a record label run by a well-known personality in the local music scene and things were going well until allegations began to surface about his behaviour towards young women he had been "mentoring" who made the very brave decision to go public with their experiences of grooming, relationship abuse, and sexual exploitation while involved with him." - Signal Static

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