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Axe & The Ivory. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. You are going to want to note and remember that name. It bears repeating. Axe & The Ivory. You are going to want to remember this name because if enjoy anything within the wide scope of Indie folk or Indie alternative and I were to bet on it, I would bet the house that this is going to be a band you enjoy. Definitely was the case for me. They check all the boxes. Fastidious and accomplished production? Check. Beautiful and musically competent arrangement? Check. Vocals and harmonies so melodic and expressive it makes your heart sing along? Resounding check. This fantastic band is based out of Adelaide in Australia, and they just released a brand-new single called “Find It


“Our sounds uses a lot of banjo/mandolin and acoustic guitars and harmonies.” Rosie Roberts

This is one of those songs that makes me angry. In a good way … as good a spin as you can put on angry. It’s so good that it makes me want to give up on music and just focus on selling insurance or something ya know? Clearly, Axe & the Ivory were the ones meant to do this music thing. The band consists of long time friends Rosie Roberts (keys, vocals), Ben Lovell (guitar, vocals), James Lovell (drums), and Paul Cooper (banjo and mandolin). They connect well via similar influences the likes of Paper Kites, Of Monsters and Men, Shakey Graves, and by all accounts available, credit a great deal to Aussie favorite Paul Kelly. I would say after listening to the single that I definitely hear all of that influence embedded and stylistically in there. However, I would also say that their sound is a beautifully unique concoction of all of those as well. I could certainly pick ’em out of a line up if I had to. 😉

The first verse is about getting to a point where you can’t communicate or really hear one another anymore (or not like you used to) because there is so much history that overlays everything. Rosie

Roberts / Axe & The Ivory

The song is a bit of a tear jerker, about the progression of ending a long-term relationship. And you feel the emotion of it all the way through, Rosie’s vocals can give you chills at times. The lyrics of the chorus and the catchiest part of the song:

“It’s a mystery, how every night, you come inside, you bring the cold”

“Now you and me, we used to fight, but even that now, is getting old.”

Axe & the Ivory are scheduled at The Barn in Wombat Flat on December 3rd, get your tickets to that show HERE.


The second verse is about owning your limitations and where you’ve screwed up because we all do – there is two (probably more) sides to everything.

Rosie Roberts / Axe & The Ivory

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