Nawafinity – Breath of Life

"To my dearest listeners and first timers. This is your brother, lover and fighter Nawaf. I hope this song heals you and inspire you to be better. I weaved this song from my pains, sorrows, laughter and joy. I cried and laughed whilst recording this message. I hope you feel the same feelings I am experiencing. I make music to inspire, heal, mend and nothing else. Cheers and God bless." Nawafinity

Proklaim Comes Roaring back with “Runnin”

The track comes at you aggressively both in terms of the beat (which is fire) and vocally in terms of his style of flow. Lyrically he spits quips and puns with an air of larger-than-life confidence. In the second verse he flexes his skill, spitting rapid fire rhymes aimed at his perceived haters, to which he dubs "fakers.

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