Skar De Line’s Third Chapter

"The lyrics ask questions such as: If we do well, but no one saw what you did, did it really happen? If your life work is something that the world does not care about, what is your life worth? And are there any limits to what we can't do to get that attention, that worth? All this comes from his mind and his internal struggle with his own nihilism, and the urge to understand himself." Skar De Line on "No Eyes in Paradise"

Lupis. It’s Probably More than Fine.

"Something I’d say to first time listeners to this album try to appreciate the raw sound of the album. It was entirely intentional, and we as a band feel it represents what we actually sound like...just maybe under ideal circumstances. We put our hearts and souls into this, and we hope you can hear and feel it." Spaz of Lupis

Ollie Twohill “Hollow”

"“Hollow” was inspired a relationship breakup, where my partner at the time decided to abruptly end it. I was completely shocked and blindsided even though it was an amicable parting of ways. Was feeling stunned and rocked at the time. Thinking back on those feelings and the situation, I decided to write a song about it and how I felt at the time. It was a hollow feeling." Ollie Twohill

For Goodness Sake, Jim Jagger

For Goodness' Sake is a kooky song about lots of nasty stuff that seems to get regularly ignored or that some people don't ever hear about because the information isn't widely publicized. I could have probably created about 100 more verses, because that's humanity for you! I don't wish to down-play a lot of great things about humanity though. Jim Jagger

Karma Brigade “Alive”

Sometimes "now" sticks out like a sore thumb. We have this tendency to only notice it when things don't suit us. Only as annoyance, anger, frustration, all these things occur. But how many wonderful "now's" do we gloss over and let pass by leading up to those moments of conflict or constraint? That is the very essence of this single, which is the first to be released from an up-and-coming album entitled, "These Are the Good Old Days."

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