Occurrence new single “Universe Moves So Fast”

The nature of the upcoming occurrence album is not only experimental but according to the band a step further into introspection in which they've expressed being extremely proud of the record, but also "a little bit scared of it." In the creative process, they went down a rabbit hole of exploration into dark subject matter, explicit sexual expression, as well as the joys of love.

Alec Berlin upbeat new single “Beat Confabulator”

The eclectic Alec Berlin has just released a new single titled "Beat Confabulator" on 02-16-2023. It marks the tenth song in a cataloging that began with ROYBBIV back in May of 2022 in which Berlin remarkably underwent a streak of dreaming the songs and writing them from the subconscious for a month. The compilation of... Continue Reading →

Nawafinity – Breath of Life

"To my dearest listeners and first timers. This is your brother, lover and fighter Nawaf. I hope this song heals you and inspire you to be better. I weaved this song from my pains, sorrows, laughter and joy. I cried and laughed whilst recording this message. I hope you feel the same feelings I am experiencing. I make music to inspire, heal, mend and nothing else. Cheers and God bless." Nawafinity

Luke Frees darker new single “Moonshine Queen”

"This is a very passionate song, and it's inspired by the feelings of anger and clarity you get after coming out of a relationship that was maybe a little unhealthy. It's a reaffirmation of my own beliefs and my own intuition, because when you're in a relationship like that, it's very easy to get swallowed up in your partner's beliefs and forget your own. It's similar to alcoholism and drinking, where you get sucked up and become a different person from those external forces, so I used that as a central metaphor in this song." Luke Frees

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