Charlie O’Connor Presents A New Rebellion

An uprising is coming out of Brighton, UK. Not your run of the mill rebellion, no. The new one. A new “come up-ins” if you will. Indeed if one thing has been revolutionized over the years, it is the revolution itself! We have been exposed to the term “unprecedented” in recent times, at what feels like an unprecedented rate. At least in recent memory. You may be sitting there thinking to yourself, “what’s this guy on about?” And I’m sorry. I’m just a little worked up because I’ve been listening to Charlie O’Connor‘s latest single, “The New Rebellion,” and it has me all fired up. The song begins so smooth. A nice, subtle, R&B piano progression gets you grooving and then, bam. The chorus drops and you’re ready for revolution. Charlie’s vocals are riddled with emotive power as she belts between head voice and chest voice ever so melodically. It’s epic, man! It’s one of those songs that makes the hairs on your arm stand up. And it is hitting streaming services soon, November 18th. I highly recommend you bookmark this one and give it a pre-save to your library.


You know how I know it’s a good song? Because I’m already spinning off into my own interpretations of it. When music moves you like that, you tend to do that. Before even reading what, O’Connor says specifically about her own musings, I’ve already personalized my connection with it. Albeit you’re not here to read on about my ramblings, so we’ll stick to the script. I’m just saying that phenomenon is a product of songwriting well done. Here are some snippets of what O’Conner describes as the song’s premise:

… for the voices unheard and un-listened to. It’s for advocates of social-change, and those opposing climate change.

…an anthem for the grand-daughters and the allies of the witches they couldn’t burn.

I love those quotes! And am quite impressed that this is the debut single. Indeed I can vouch for that because as you know I snoop around quite a bit on these reviews. No previous catalog that I could track down. Which only makes the anticipation for wanting more that much sweeter. We got some fresh new indie right here.

Foto credit to Sophia Anna Rose on Instagram @wisdomoftherose

But what does rebellion mean to you? Merely out of curiosity, let’s just ponder that for a moment. The sentiment of a “new” rebellion reminds me of some of the memes I’ve seen recently that say, “Nice is the new Punk” or some variation of that to some effect. At least that is what it means to me. The “new” way of rebellion is not so much the apathetic nonchalance of before. Here we go again with my own cockamamie world view. What does the artist say?

“Making art is how I rebel in a world that tells me to behave myself and stop being so sensitive”

Charlie O’ Connor

Well put. I should just leave the talking up to her. When I hear Charlie O’Connor’s music, the first artists that came to mind upon first impression were Alicia Keys and Fiona Apple, musically. Very skillfully played piano, but vocally and lyrically it has the “bite” of Poe and Tori Amos. My impressions. O’Connor personally cites the work of Patti Smith, Amanda Palmer, and Florence and The Machine. Fans of all of those aforementioned, I would recommend this artist.

“I have been growing my community both offline and online and my first gig was a sold-out affair with people standing in the hallway trying to hear. (Folklore Records Showcase in August). Previous musical projects (Charlie Melrose, Screama Ballerina) have won music awards; Exposure Music’s Best Overall Act, Amazing Radio’s Best Rock Act and received airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music as well as gaining a support slot for The Buzzcocks on the main stage at Rebellion Festival.”

Charlie O’Connor

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