Jazzy “hands to yourself”

“I wrote this song because I was desperate for an outlet to unpack this emotionally overwhelming experience with someone that took almost two years for me to heal from. The initial inspiration behind this song were the questions that I  was left with. It was one of those episodes that ended abruptly without proper closure (well, for me at least). Jazzy

Shyli Madhala “Pink For My Money”

"For me, it's a revolution in every way. I've been hiding my dream and hiding my voice for so long, letting trauma and illness run my life story, this song is the end of that and a beginning of an era of beautiful music and powerful messages that need to be heard. Pink for My Money is about my pain and confusion around growing up as women at this point in time." Shyli Madhala

Hannah Lamb “I need u”

“I need u was born from a situation I found myself in with a friend. I think we hear a lot of songs about troubles in romantic relationships and perhaps not so many about the things we go through with our friends. I really wanted to express that I knew I had made mistakes but that I still hoped we wouldn’t lose each other. Friendships can be really intense experiences and I wanted to capture that with I need u.” Hannah Lamb

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