The Wren – tender & full of love “please don’t joke about dying”

"I wrote this song back in the spring after a conversation with a friend of mine. I realized that this person didn't know how loved they were, and I didn't quite have the words at the moment to convey that. I went home and wrote this song the next morning. I kept it pretty simple- I felt there wasn't much more I could say than the words that first hit the page." The Wren

Clinically Sane – “Eternal Recurrence”

"This particular song is about derealization: a mental state where you feel detached from reality. This song was my way to cope with my personal episode of derealization and how I dealt with it. It's about questioning your own sanity and keeping it all to yourself because of the fear of not being understood. It's something very close to me, as it still happens here and there and that I had to learn to live with. In the end, I hope that with this song I can show that with professional help, we can learn how to live with our mental issues." - Tiago Freitas

Fifi C “Baby Me”

"I wrote Baby Me to give our younger selves the voices we didn’t have. We’ve all become wrapped up in societal pressures, overly self-critical and overwhelmed with life. It’s so easy to take it out on ourselves. But remember how innocent and pure we once were. Would you treat the baby you the same way you treat yourself now? Would you let people treat baby you the way they treat grown-up you? We all know the expression treat others the way you would want to be treated, but I say treat yourself the way you would treat the baby you." Fifi C

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