The Wren – tender & full of love “please don’t joke about dying”

The title of this song by The Wren probably says enough. But if it doesn’t, imagine a lovely friend or a family member with humor that’s at best self-deprecating. You love the person to no end, they joke about not being important enough, or worse, that their departure wouldn’t matter. For you, as well as this single, that is simply not true.

Named after a small but vocal bird, The Wren is an LA-based singer-songwriter tying deep thoughts onto her gentle indie folk sounds, effectively giving the otherwise quiet emotions a voice to be heard. This artist has been singing all her life, got seriously into songwriting and playing guitar at the age of 12, and later, at 24, found her passion in the personal essence of the singer-songwriter genre, which spurred her to taking up The Wren moniker and begin releasing beautiful diary-esque music. “Please don’t joke about dying” is her debut single.

Written as a plea to a good friend, telling how much the artist care about them, “Please don’t joke about dying” is a very stripped-back song of pure honesty, featuring The Wren’s serene vocals, soft guitar melodies, and emotionally driving section of strings. Short and quite simple by nature, the song feels tender and full of love, but also very straight-forward, needing the friend to hear what she has to say, for them to know how much they’re loved and appreciated.

“I wrote this song back in the spring after a conversation with a friend of mine. I realized that this person didn’t know how loved they were, and I didn’t quite have the words at the moment to convey that. I went home and wrote this song the next morning. I kept it pretty simple- I felt there wasn’t much more I could say than the words that first hit the page.

When I brought my demo to producer Ashley Fulton, she had a brilliant idea to include a string arrangement composed by Erika Poh and performed by Olena Kaspersky. All three of them took this song to new heights, making it more cinematic and moody than I could’ve imagined. I’m proud of what we were able to create, and I hope that anyone who listens feels inspired to tell their friends that they love them.

I’ve been making music off and on over the years, but this is my first release under a new name. I think I’ve finally found the singer/songwriter sound where I feel most comfortable, and I’m excited to use my music to tell more stories. Listeners can expect a lot of honesty and vulnerability from my upcoming releases.”

The Wren

The single by The Wren is out now


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