Bravo Bonez “Treason” (feat. Alba Rose)

Sparkling, layered and full of soulful energy, todays single is just about perfect especially for those of you, who love neo soul and acid jazz. Bravo Bonez loves the soaring sound these genres have to offer, and that definitely shows in his newest single “Treason“.

The new single sees this prolific and busy New Zealander teaming up with a charming vocalist Alba Rose. Together they wrote the song, and Alba provided her enchanting, layered vocals that enhance the dramatic scene taking place in the single. And while the treason shoved in her face gives us a vision of deceptive relationships and ending up in a wrong place in love’s complicated pathways, the song itself feels uplifting and pristine, turning the messy topic into something of an earcandy. A particularly pleasing kind at that, further proved by how easily it stays in your head after just a few listens.

Bravo Bonez is no stranger to this blog either. Previously he has been here with one of his many aliases, specifically the fearless LearningToDive moniker. Not shying away from shining bright light on global societal problems that take us backwards rather than forwards, songs like “Rainbow Fall“, “Tainted“, “Promenade” and “You Said It Best” have all offered some serious thinking material and solid viewpoints. Bravo Bonez is the producer’s main alias, home to lofi beats and the lush neo soul music, just like “Treason”.

“Treason” is out


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