NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 18th June 2021

Benign and humane, LearningToDive’s latest song will leave you swooning…


Sophisticated modern pop, infused with 80’s influences – LearningToDive have created a wondrous and immersive soundscape with ‘You Said It Best and a real state of blissfulness for their listeners.

Narrated for the main part by spoken word, ‘You Said It Best‘ instantly draws you in with its contemplative and palatial ambience. The instrumentation is incredibly delicate but also so lush – and there is a beautiful contrast between the masculine voice and the feminine backing vocals here. The female voices that adorn this song are angelic and the song is pristine and harmonious – it’s a visceral delight and a real sensation for the ears.

The song delivers underlying messages of positivity, encouragement, and determination throughout. Perhaps the inclusion of the sound of children playing as the song takes a brief interlude is one that is meant to represent the future – a future that thrives and prospers. ‘You Said It Best’ is an emotional 4-minute journey – by the end of it, you will feel satisfied and pretty euphoric. I think, deep down – the songwriter wants us to know that it’s all going to be ok… it’s a story that is going to end well.

The story of the song…

As with all my songs, it takes a little bit of my experience, things I have felt, and things I have seen others go through as well as books and films I have enjoyed. The protagonist of this song split from his family as he didn’t feel that he had the freedom he needed, but time away from his ex-wife and children has him missing those aspects of family life he had taken for granted. He decides to return to the familial fold, to his wife who has just split with an interim live-in partner. He recognizes his wife’s emotional intelligence, and although both are nervous, they are both also happy the family will be back together again.

“You Said It Best’ is a track that was recorded in Norway at the same time as the Norwegian Pop album (released April 2nd, 2021) however not included as stylistically it didn’t quite fit. But a track much loved by all of us when recording it, and a positive message of familial reconciliation, hope, and love. Bravo Bonez’s slogan is of course “Music, Hope, LOVE”.

A brief history of the artist…

LearningToDive (LTD) is one of a series of projects from Bravo Bonez, a musician and producer currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. ‘Norwegian Pop’ – his 11-track debut album was released in April 2021 and it has received media attention globally, gaining features on platforms such as At The Barrier, A&R Factory, Happy Mag, Vents Mag, Acid Stag, Obscure Sound, and many more. Since LTD’s debut single ‘High & Dry’ in November 2020, LearningToDive has accumulated almost 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with over 60,000 streams.

The video was shot and edited by Bravo Bonez from footage of Ocean Sound Studios (Giske Island, Norway), the studio in which he recorded ‘Norwegian Pop’ and ‘You Said It Best’. Bravo choose to use the footage from this experience to visualize the metaphor of working in a beautiful exotic place, away from home and his loved ones, but always with the knowledge that this intense creative experience was going to end. The song is about a family coming back together, realizing the shared experiences and understanding that being together is more important than living self-centered lives apart.

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