Jorge Ostos “Dream”

“Initially the idea was to have my wife sing the song, but for various reasons this didn’t work out, which led me to contact Tim Condor, a very versatile singer from the North West of England, who has also been involved in various projects internationally. The result I think is a well crafted production with musically interesting arrangements. The single was produced, mixed and mastered by myself at Philipino Rec in San Juan, Argentina, as well as playing all the instruments myself.”

Abby London “Bushes”

“I was in an on again and off again relationship with a guy named Matt. I don’t know how many times we broke up and got back together. I was so scared to show who I was and reveal my secrets to someone I knew. I was scared to imagine my life without him. I would stay home some weekends in a terrible mental loop obsessing over things that had happened. I couldn’t forgive him and I couldn’t move on. I didn’t fit into his lifestyle and I wasn’t doing much with my music. Abby London


“I wrote this track entirely from my bedroom, at a point when I wanted to develop into different genres and expand my sound. The song came easily and organically, as over lockdown, I’d spent a lot of time overthinking things, and I wanted to write about the feeling of being present, and in the moment.” RYA

Fia Nyxx “Still Love You”

“I wrote Still Love You at a time of uncertainty, as I was entering a new relationship that seemed almost too good to be true. I realized that I was living from a mindset of lack and fear as I waited for something bad to happen, for my world to come crashing down… and it did.” Fia Nyxx

J0VANNA “TwentyOne”

“I wrote TwentyOne on my 21st birthday. It is an anthem against growing up. I am just not ready! Aging is something I think about all the time. I really don’t like birthdays and I don’t feel I am ready yet to be an “adult”. Probably the most challenging part of growing up is knowing that my parents, sisters, grandparents, and other loved ones are getting older too. This single expresses all of these emotions that I am experiencing. At the end of the song, you can hear me laugh, which is my way of saying everything is going to be okay.” Jovanna

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