Violet Temples “Enemy”

“Enemy was written as a result of me being fed up with my own destructive tendencies; laziness, a lack of self-discipline, self-sabotage. I was able to recognize my potential and come up with great ideas, yet I had no follow through. This song is literally me intervening with myself like, “Hey, you are getting nowhere in life, pull yourself together”.” Violet Temples

Kinetix “Off My Head”

“As an ode to becoming comfortable in one’s skin, the peace found in the chorus is akin to the moment one comes to terms with who they are, while the beat drops represent the new colorful perspective gained once you stop fearing the world and feel the strength to achieve all your dreams”.

MOLTENO “Our house is on fire”

“Our house is on fire was initially inspired by the feeling that my home wasn’t my home anymore. I wanted to explore the way an experience can completely change the dynamic of a space. Like there’s been a house fire and everything is tainted. Written in a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere, at the time of writing it was so quiet and eerie, with no planes in the sky – it made me contemplate another way that isn’t setting the planet alight!” MOLTENO

Carley Varley “Going Under”

“I was incredibly anxious and I felt as if my life was flipping upside down. I have no gigs, my wedding was cancelled and I couldn’t see my loved ones. I became incredibly down and despite trying everything, I was just too anxious to feel motivated. That is until I wrote Going Under”. Carley Varley

Elishéva “Bring Me Back”

“This track is so special to me. I was very invested in a career in Jazz performance and Bring Me Back is my opening number in the pop world. It’s a love letter to who I am today. I was having a huge identity crisis last fall, partly because of the pandemic, and this song poured out of me in one sitting.”

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