Alice Offley “Pour”

Searching for fun, or perhaps some love? Come follow the sound of that funky beat and you’ll reach a dancehall full of like-minded people. Get down, enjoy the drinks, and move that body of yours to the smooth sounds of Alice Offley!

Greeting us from Britain, Alice Offley is a singer-songwriter loving everything full of soul, and her discography shows that. There’s a beautiful piano ballad cover of “Silent Night” as well as synth-driven funky tunes that grab for a dance. In addition to catchy melodies, her lyrics jab as much as the synth melodies do. Love themes and funky vibes continue in her newest single, but this time with a change for the more optimistic feelings:

“I’d written a fair few songs about heartbreak and loss, and I wanted to focus my next batch of material on happier subjects!”

Alice Offley

And so the result is “Pour“, a lighthearted and soft funky pop tune that has left behind the tears on the dancefloor thoughts. Full of flowing synth chords that run in the background and infuse the atmosphere with uplifting feelings, “Pour” is a popping groovy song and an ode for everything that fills the heart with joy.

“So… Pour is a love song about lots of the feel-good things in life – from new love, to sugar, dancing, drinking, and fun! Love is love and there is always room to POUR more of it around!

The track was all recorded between my home and the studio in east London… and people can expect grooves and 80’s influenced party music from me :)”

Alice Offley

The beginning of this song really sets the mood too – you can faintly hear sounds of cheerful people through the synth melodies. It’s also almost ghost-like like a memory of a really unforgettable party night. Her voice is intoxicating in all the best ways possible, too – full of passion, cheerful, and loaded with that smooth funk diva vibe, the kind that knows how to get the party going.

An excellent party song to help you forget all things mundane and sad for a while!

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