Disco Dreams “Ether Swamp”

Leave the worries of everyday life behind for a little while and open the door to an intergalactic dance party far away from everything that’s mundane or stressful. Here the energy flows just like the music coming from the speakers. This is a party held up by Disco Dreams.

Recently, Disco Dreams introduced us to his genre-crossing electronica with his single “Cryptic [K]night“, a dancy tune infused with trance-state energy and splendid vibes. He’s a solo electronic producer based in Ohio, using the uplifting power of music to remind people to let go of the uncertainty and live in the moment. Disco Dreams’ psychedelic dance sounds also incorporate his vocals used as an additional instrument, stirring up more of that ethereal magical feeling.

The line of psychedelia continues in Disco Dreams’ newest single “Ether Swamp“. This is an outer space experience within a song, incorporating swoopy synthline running through what feels like a glimpse of alien future. Not a shred of eeriness is present however, instead it’s a song that aims to relax – kick back and enjoy the present moment. His voice echoes through the synth melodies like an ethereal broadcast, further inspiring the feelings of celebration, joy and letting go of everything that holds you back.

Ether Swamp” is the second single Disco Dreams has released this summer, and when it comes to his future plans, they include a second studio album set to release sometime next year!

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