Disco Dreams “Cryptic [K]night”

You’re in a busy danceroom full of chatting people, and as music starts playing, everything around you is smoothly transformed into an out of this world experience. The people around you seemingly unfazed by the change that has just started happening, but you are completely transfixed by the music surrounding you. The song in question is “Cryptic [K]night” and it’s the newest single by Disco Dreams.

The Ohio-based electronic music producer loves creating genre-fluid dreamy music with strong psychedelic feel. His music finds perfect fit in both dancefloors as well as in personal listening sessions, in both cases Disco Dreams allows to transcend and find enjoyment from being in the moment. Lush synth chords and slow percussion, the artist’s ethereal vocals and emotionally tender melodies come together and form some rather stunning electronic music, capable of both cherishing and filling the listener up with energy.

“Cryptic [K]night” mostly belongs in the latter category, as it’s a toe-tapping dance music with a strong magical sheen. It’s busy with what seems like vibing people, the muffled chatter gives uplifting and carefree mood thoughout the song, and then they disappear into the background, the artist’s voice appears in its smooth echoing shimmer. Full of infectious good energy, the song paints strong visual of a busy dancehall, or a festival full of carefree feelings. Even if someone in there did get their toe stepped on, the music soon soothes the pain and allows to forget the trouble. “Cryptic [K]night” is all about embracing the present day and feeling all the goodness that’s here right now.

“I honestly just wanted to make something somewhat happy and almost nostalgic here with this track. I know a lot of people are caught up in the worlds problems lately and I just wanted to make something nice and enjoyable that hopefully brings them some chill happiness in their life. I was just playing around with all my instruments one night and decided to sing over them as almost another layer of instruments. I was happy with the process and excited to release more singles after this one in the months to come as well! I think you can always expect genuine art that is somewhat adventurous at times to take the listener somewhere unexpected.”

Disco Dreams


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