Jesse Brady “Conflicted”

Jesse Brady takes us along for the ride as she tries to decide what side of herself she should listen to, or if she should forge a new path, in her single ‘Conflicted’.

Independent pop musician and multifaceted artist Jesse Brady is an up and coming sensation based in Nashville, Tennessee. With a talent for art, whether it is music, storytelling, painting, or creating music videos, and a sound described as an exciting take on pop music with folk influences, this monster rookie is set to prove that taking things with ease and humor as she follows her heart can help her reach high places. 

From shocking listeners all over the world with her stellar and fresh debut, ‘Transformations’, which was listed as one of Less Than 1,000 Followers’ Top 100 Songs [of] 2021, and her equally enjoyable first comeback, ‘Happiness Block’, Jesse had a successful first year of her artist career. Now, she’s ready to keep that streak by delivering yet another passionate and unforgettable release. 

Conflicted, her first release of the year and third in her discography was written and produced by the artist herself in her home studio and remastered by producer Bill McDermott at Omni Studios. 

Continuing with her trend of making every single feel like a relatable and deeply summersive musical number, Jesse presents a fight between mind and heart with her as the sole witness and holder of the final vote in Conflicted. Delivered with the mindset of someone who’s aware of the impending disaster that’ll occur shall she not decide, yet still unable to come to a conclusion, the track is like watching a flipped coin fall in slow motion, with the desire to get to the end but being unable to stop and marvel it while it’s up in the air.

Inspired by the phrase “It seems like you’ve got a feeling and a knowledge and they’re kind of criss-crossing”, which was told to Jesse by one of biggest influences, her grandmother, and written in a couple of weeks, this song resonates with the part of us that hates making decisions and the part of us that feels gratitude towards those loved ones who can always help us clear our head. 

The genius of Conflicted is felt in the ups and downs of the melody, and how it manages to keep a sense of uniformity despite the many small changes that occur throughout the song.  While the artist sings about the back and forth and back and forth she’s doing, which is quite literally referenced in the line “cause I keep taking too many steps forward and back again”, there is an urgency growing in the track itself that builds emotion within the listener. And when the beat suddenly mellows down and the growing bubbles disappear in the next line, as Jesse states she feels as though she’s “threading water like a sinking ship”… the build-up does not feel ruined; the bubble hasn’t been popped, it is merely in a state of inertia, which will be changed once the chorus hits with all its strength. 

With dramatic drums, a hopeful guitar, voice full of urgency and insecurity that still manages to land comfortably on listeners’ ears, and a sense of growing intriguing with the perfect build up, Jesse’s third single does an immaculate job of showing the entanglement of emotions and thoughts a person can feel while trying to make an important decision. Most impressive of all, Conflicted captures the mess within Jesse without ever feeling overwhelming, messy, or too saturated — it is the same middle ground she sings about wishing to reach. 

As yet another piece inspired on a deep emotional turmoil, and simultaneously an ode to the people who have supported and impacted her throughout life, Jesse Brady’s new single is a testament to the young artist’s ability to create moving and beautiful music out of any situation. 

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