MOLTENO “Our house is on fire”

“Our house is on fire was initially inspired by the feeling that my home wasn’t my home anymore. I wanted to explore the way an experience can completely change the dynamic of a space. Like there’s been a house fire and everything is tainted. Written in a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere, at the time of writing it was so quiet and eerie, with no planes in the sky – it made me contemplate another way that isn’t setting the planet alight!” MOLTENO

Coastal Town “Summer Sundays”

The song was inspired by the members’ favorite summer anthems, adding a layer of additional affection to the track. During the making of the song, the group decided to take things a step further and play more with the lyrics, making a collage that featured those same pieces who inspired them in the first place. The final version of Summer Sundays holds a total of 24 references, and so besides gifting their audience a memorable song, Coastal Town has also brought with them an entertaining game that challenges listeners’ knowledge of beloved summer tracks.

Shayanne “Lost”

“The power we have as humans to be able to think all these stories never fails to spark my own creativeness, and so Lost is almost like a love letter to all the shows that I, and my co-writer Beth Duncan, grew up on. Hopefully, songs like these will inspire people to be creative in their own ways,” Shayanne

Taylor B-W “I’m So broke”

“I’m So Broke was written during a depressive episode, when I was just thinking about where I stand in my own world and how I don’t want to settle for the second best in life. It was making me anxious that this is all life might crack up to be – always being broke financially and feeling mentally broken.“ Taylor B-W

Yui Stonewell “Not So Hard”

“First comes heartbreak, but this song sings to the empowerment after it’s all over and you’ve moved on. It lightheartedly spells out all the things that you wish you would’ve said to their face run through your mind when you think back to how you were treated. It’s definitely a “sing-into-your-hairbrush-in-your-bedroom” kinda song!” Yui Stonewell

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