Shyli Madhala “Rainbows & Sunshine”

"My upcoming single 'Rainbows & Sunshine' is about our life online. How unreal and confusing it can be, how lonely it can make us. It’s a reminder to myself and whoever wants to remember with me, that our hearts want to be loved for the messed up human beings that we are, that we need a real connection between us to be healthy, not just a WIFI connection.".

ettie it’s in love in new single “Until I Met U”

"As a queer artist it is important to me to sing my narratives of love and put them out there. When I was growing up I didn’t have the type of love I wanted playing on the radio, and I struggled to find artists I could look up to for it. I want to help other queer people feel seen and know that not only is it normal, but that our love should be celebrated." ettie

The River “Tick Tock”

"This song is about pushing through the doubts created by my own mind as well as the doubts other people have expressed to me. It's a reminder that my reality is that of my own creation. The idea of time is something I think about a lot and I always feel like I am running out. I feel guilty about the time I've lost to distractions and bumps in the road. But really the only thing I think we as humans have is time. It's not scarce, it's the only thing we all collectively have the most of." The River

MY BABY “sake sake sake”

sake sake sake, their latest studio release, is at its core about innovation; with their constantly evolving sound and presenting themes of our possible future and everything it encapsulates, as well as society's refusal to change until it's too late, the trio has taken it upon themselves to speak about the threats our world is facing, while still bringing forth spirited and groovy melodies.

Cristal B. “Do You Regret It?”

A soft ballad that builds up and hits the crescendo when the lyrics accept the protagonist's lack of will to forgive and forget, Do You Regret It? is a song that blends elegance with what many would call pettiness (spoiler alert: it's not), staying sophisticated and unbothered as the singer opens up about being broken beyond repair by her lover while and after they were together. 

Fia Nyxx “Red Umbrella”

Red Umbrella is the telling of Fia's life, and she's sharing her journey in the form of raw, sentimental songs that make the listener feel just as naked as her openness about love, loss, passion, and other life struggles. Telling the story of a fragile person who slowly begins to harden up through her experiences, yet still maintains the same softness that allows her to love and live how she desires, this album shows how Fia Nyxx has learnt to allow herself as brightly as she was always meant to do. 

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