The River “Tick Tock”

The River  shares her profound take on the passing of time, holding the power to make people not dread the ‘Tick Tock’ of life’s clock.

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There is an emerging sensation in Denver, Colorado, that’s making ears turn towards her in the hip-hop/R&B scene; under the stage name The River, this hypnotizing vocalist has taken her lifelong affinity for poetry and music (which originated back in her marching band days), she’s grown into an artist with deep, expressive lyricism that showcases her unique perspective, which are usually accompanied by smashing beats.

With influences such as Amy Winehouse and Qveen Herby, The River makes songs that make sure you won’t forget her impactful lyrics and the mesmerizing voice that makes them come to life. Her upcoming release, set to come out in the thirteenth of May, focuses on the abundance of time people have left, rather than the assumed lack of it. 

Inspired by how finite our time on Earth is, Tick Tock is best described as a song that speaks about making “the best use” out of those counted seconds. Though the artist has admitted it is a somewhat toxic mindset, to be so focused on how much we have left, she tries to find the positive in it by bringing forth another outlook that will push her and others onto truly enjoying how she lives and uses her time. Thus, alongside esteemed music producer Sammy Seeds, the song was born. 

“This song is about pushing through the doubts created by my own mind as well as the doubts other people have expressed to me. It’s a reminder that my reality is that of my own creation. The idea of time is something I think about a lot and I always feel like I am running out. I feel guilty about the time I’ve lost to distractions and bumps in the road. But really the only thing I think we as humans have is time. It’s not scarce, it’s the only thing we all collectively have the most of.”

Smooth as water, The River’s approach to the theme is both suave yet slightly aggressive in the way her soft-spoken words hold great strength. Accompanied by synths simulation droplets and an echoing sensation caused by wicket reverbs, Tick Tock is a track that plays nature, time, and the nature of time, as it delves deep into how we should live looking forward and pushing further into our goals and what we love — singing about how instead of looking at the time spent with regret, we should smile at it and be able to tell our past selves how much we’ve done and progressed since. 

Tick Tock is an encouraging song about moving past any obstacles, and The River’s words of reassurance will work on listeners just like they did on her. A piece worth four minutes — and more — of your life, this single capable of influencing and completely altering your perspective on how to live from now on. Based on that premise alone, listeners will be able to guarantee their past selves this is a song they’d hate to miss out on. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for May 13th!

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