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MY BABY is back for the first time post-pandemic with their renowned nuance insake sake sake, an album full of unexpected influences, reflection and introspection, and a small flame with a desire for a change for the better. 

Made up of three members, them being frontwoman Cato van Dyck, drummer Joost ‘Sheik’ van Dyck, and guitarist Daniel ‘Dafreez’ de Vries, this Dutch-New Zealand trio has roots in rock driven alternative dance and psychedelic riffs and rises. Their sound has become more and more refined overtime, but they still hold the jagged edges that have made them so beloved.

Featuring a variety of sounds, from leaning towards punk to adding pop sensibilities or being simply raw and indie, MY BABY tie this variety of sounds with their characteristic psychedelic and candid style, their magnetic lyricism and electrifying groove and energy. 

sake sake sake, their latest studio release, is at its core about innovation; with their constantly evolving sound and presenting themes of our possible future and everything it encapsulates, as well as society’s refusal to change until it’s too late, the trio has taken it upon themselves to speak about the threats our world is facing, while still bringing forth spirited and groovy melodies.

For the project, the band got to work with 5-time Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Daft Punk). Most of the pre-production was done in the band’s own studio with longtime collaborator Mozes Meijer, and at later stages, they worked with producer duo 22Ghosts. 

In this exclusive interview with Less Than 1,000 Followers, newcomers and longtime fans alike can learn more about the band, the making of the album and how the members feel about being a household name in their native Netherlands and rising or established sensations in many other parts of the world. 

  1. Your new album, ‘sake sake sake’, feels like your most cutting and mature sound to date, with a lot of futuristic elements that heighten the listening experience. Was there any specific inspiration behind this theme and sound? 

With every album we aim to reinvent ourselves and try and stretch the envelope of what defines MY BABY!

Of course there has always been a tendency to emulate EDM influences and on this album we reworked a lot of tracks by sampling parts and processing those. Combined with the use of some synth and sequenced bits, it has resulted in our most sparse and electronic sounding album

Thematically we gravitated towards a darker and bleak tone in a world where we’re cursed with an inability to change, thus many songs focus on an outlook to a near dystopian hollow future with threats of insurrection and ecological disaster. In the process of writing the material the pandemic struck which felt like a rather ironic twist of life imitates art.

  1. Of course, we also have to mention the influence collaborator and producer Steve Dub had on this project. How did the opportunity arise? And what was it like to work with him? 

Through some industry contacts we sent some demo’s which Steve heard and was keen to work on the mixing and some production. Because of the pandemic we weren’t able to travel and work face to face so our collaboration was long distance, but obviously [it was] great to have someone on board with that experience to help finish and define the tracks.

  1. Deciding what songs to release as singles sounds like a hard decision, yet the couple you’ve chosen really capture what most of the album is like. What was the line of thought followed when selecting said songs? 

To be honest the main reason for selecting those was because those tracks were the only ones finished; We were still working on the rest of the album. 

Happily the tracks we had represent the new sound really well! There is a raw and dance beat driven side, juxtaposed by a moody and atmospheric track and also the more roots and groove-oriented material. 

  1. Since we’re on the topic, I have to ask each member this. What is your favorite track, and is there any reason behind it? 

Daniel: ‘it’s a setup’ is MY BABY’s punk revolt side. We often feel the need to express some form of protest that’s built on a hard charging beat. The energy of such a track when you play it live really resonates with a crowd thats looking for a rock n roll vibe

Cato: ‘a dream i dream’, it is more intimate and reflective, yet surreal. It was very satisfying to write something that was more of a delicate composition but still very much MY BABY.

Joost: ‘stupid’ is our most intricately produced dance track yet. It has gone through several reconstructions but from the start it felt like a key track born out of an original idea. This is MY BABY attempting a banger! Haha. I think we did alright.

  1. What does the trio hope listeners will be able to get or feel while experiencing the album? 

Obviously we hope people find it energizing and can connect with it on some level. We allowed ourselves and the material to be more vulnerable and in a somewhat bleak way at times. Of course you hope a listener might identify with that perspective, but ultimately, it’s a MyBaby album that wants to connect and spark a high spirited vibe.

  1. MY BABY’s sound is ever evolving, but the psychedelic touch in both riffs and lyrics has been a staple since your first album. Over time, this aspect has become more noticeable in the melodies too, and that’s resulted in ‘sake sake sake’ being a surrealistic, out-of-body experience. When the band first began, had any of you imagined that your sound would evolve and transcend its origins in such a way? 

When starting out we really had to search for a sound that suited the material and was technically achievable, and it was quite an adventure. Along the way you take on broad learnings from live gigs in particular.

It’s all about finding the core of your vision. Once you get that more defined it becomes easier to see where it might lead to. It makes sense to transcend what has come before.

  1. Not only has your music grown and developed over time; the success you’ve had as a trio is also undeniable. What’s MY BABY’s key to success?

MY BABY is a journey for us where we set out to develop something that is expressed freely. I think experiencing that freedom at a live gig is something special you share with an audience. 

An audience that feels free to express themselves and participate without restraint is the key measure of success for a band.

  1. To conclude, I bet many fans are interested in knowing what’s next for the group. Are there any goals or things you’d like to accomplish in the near future, such as touring or another collaboration? 

We are excited to finally release the album and equally excited to tour again. We are just rebooting but are already thinking about a next album.  Also before the pandemic hit, we had plans to tour the United States so perhaps next year that’s on the cards again. 

In any case we hope to be hitting the stages full force once again!

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