Kahone Concept “Amicably”

Kahone Concept balances the art of being polite and mischievous as he sings about his feelings regarding an Amicably -ended relationship.     

Born in 2015, Kahone Concept is the brainchild of twenty-three-year-old Ben Orrvick, built out of the foundations he’s been lying since childhood: from teaching himself how to play several instruments to mastering all the steps needed to create music, this independent Pittsburgh-based pop musician has been walking on his own, gaining new skills so often that he’s become a capable and awe-inspiring one man show. 

From being a starting bedroom artist to blowing up on social media Tiktok during the early stages of quarantine time, thanks to his song Maybe’, Kahone Concept has continuously been building up on the traction he gained in 2020. Nowadays he’s attained over one million Spotify streams and four million Tiktok views. And during this time, he’s been working on rebranding and changing how he projects his vision to ensure he follows the ethos of his music, as well as the inspiration behind his name, that being how “it’s important to find significance even in the smallest of things; we each find our significance. It’s what gives us purpose.”. 

As he follows his inspiration of 70’s pop culture and retro-futurism, Orrvick tells the small moments of his life in individual pieces that together capture an overarching tale. In his own words, this project is “the story of a person who dedicated their life to their art, documenting the attempt at success every step of the way”.

Amicably, the first in an upcoming wave of singles, is set to release on all platforms in the third of June. His first song to come out in 2022 is a blunt response to the end of a relationship, where Kahone Concept opens up about his feelings regarding the rupture and what came after it. 

An indie-pop tune, carried by its strong drums and a bass that follow the tempo of a broken heart and haywire emotions, works as the foundation for Kahone Concept’s powerful and emotionally-charged vocals — this is what makes up and helps Amicably stand out. 

With his recent promise to open up more, the artist shared some of the real life context that led to the creation of the song.    

“A couple years ago I made massive changes in my life. I used to have a really hard time being vulnerable with people and it resulted in me doing a poor job of showing the people I love that I care about them and love them. I was in a relationship and got dumped and took it super hard. I kept reading online of other people’s stories of how people say they will change and never end up changing and it really inspired me to make sure I carried out the changes that I made in my life.” 

Amicably is about me coping with the breakup. I wanted to write a song that had a “screw you, your loss” type of feel but I wanted to do it in a manner that shows that I actually care and the whole nonchalant vibe is just an act and a way for me to cope.”

The first glimpse of beauty in Amicably comes in the contrast between its title and the content of the song, showing the dichotomy of acting indifferent but hurting on the inside. Though the current version of Orrvick can admit that the break up was inevitable and he “deserved to be dumped”,  the behavior he showed in the moment is a natural reaction that many will be able to relate to, just like the need to change for the better and be able to look back at the past and recognize our mistakes is something we can always learn from. 

Pouring his heart and feelings into his discography means that every Kahone Concept song has a meaning and a story behind it. Kahone Concept’s greatest talent may be the way he manages to make the message of every song clear and fun to listen to, no matter how complicated or heavy the emotions that lead to it might be. Documenting his time on Earth has become a full time occupation that simultaneously makes an impact on those that come across it… if that is not star potential, then nothing else can be it. 

With two EPs and over five singles, Kahone Concept still has a long journey with infinite possibilities ahead of him. As he opens up through his music and makes connections through his sound, honesty and vulnerability, he continues to prove the importance of music and self expression and how it benefits our well being long term. 

To accompany this rising star on his trajectory, you can now press play to his new single Amicably and stay tuned for when that and more projects are released!  

If you enjoyed Kahone Concept music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to his music, you can head over to his Spotify profile, Soundcloud, Youtube channel, or you can purchase his music at Bandcamp.

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