Una Jensen “CROOKED TOOTH” ft. Boy, Jr.

Una Jensen makes a banger about feeling herself and her ‘CROOKED TOOTH’ in her latest hyperpop single.

From a young preteen who began making waves in the industry at the mere age of twelve to the twenty-three year old LA icon that she currently is, Una Jensen is a creative soul with no plans to leave the music world anytime soon. The artist has worked with Adrian Young, No Doubt drummer; Goo Goo Dolls guitarist Jim McGorman and Todd Forman of Sublime, and only has goals of outdoing herself with every new project. 

With just about every professional credit in music, as she is a singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer, Una pushes her visions to the limit and beyond, creating a sonic wonderland that could not be made by anyone who isn’t her. Her brand is loud and proud, unashamedly youthful in both its aesthetic and its ability to project so many feelings into a single word and note.  

Setting the mood for the upcoming Hot Girl Summer a couple of months before the season arrives, this early April release is a song meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, whether it is showing off your style and confidence in a Tiktok or letting loose in a NYC club — and everywhere else, as it is Una Jensen and featured artist Boy, Jr. who bring the party to wherever their song is being played. 

A hyperpop-at-its-finest masterpiece, CROOKED TOOTH is an exciting sensory overload that will awaken the brain with its strong and low bass, high pitched ad libs, soft twinkling jingles, a crunching snare that works as a playful reference to the title, and the sweet contrast made by Una’s insanely addictive high-pitched rapping and Boy, Jr.’s  deeper, resonating vocals. 

The main charm of CROOKED TOOTH is the same thing that makes Una stand out, and what she believes is the key to success: individuality. With the beat and Una’s confidence hitting like a strong punch the jaw that will silence anyone who thinks their judgemental words will have an effect on the young adult, the song is an immediate mood lifter that will help the listener laugh in the face of any negative comment about their physical appearance or attitude, and simultaneously raise their confidence too. 

As the title of the song foretells, there is an emphasis on having “imperfect” teeth, something that Una has learnt to embrace and loves about her. With a pointy fang and a beautiful smile, Una shows off how she finds the things that make her stand out, something that she should always be loud and proud about!

In addition, the artist said: “I’m mostly excited about having a song out there that specifically talks about having “messed up” teeth, because I never had that!”

Boy, Jr., a project of Erica Allen-Lubman (she/they), who makes her appearance in the bridge, brings with them a different type of powerful energy; while Una makes all eyes look at her with her brightness and loudness, Boy, Jr. has a more quiet, yet equally domineering energy that makes sure you won’t ever overlook them or their talent. Her voice, despite contrasting Una’s rapping and melody, falls into place in the song seamlessly, just like the moment of pride you feel after standing up for yourself for the first time and leaving people speechless over the growth you’ve made.

While the song can be enjoyed and influence any demographic, it resonates deeply with the young adult generations that are late Millenials and Gen z. With the two artists active on social medias and particularly TikTok, Erica having a following beyond six figures, there is a tight understanding between the creatives and their audience, and the shared characteristic of placing great importance in being yourself and embracing the parts of you that don’t comfort to society, something that Una Jensen wonderfully managed to show in CROOKED TOOTH.

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