Fia Nyxx “Red Umbrella”

Fia Nyxx delivers a polished compilation of strong feelings in her album ‘Red Umbrella’, marking that this is “just the beginning”

The beloved Hollywood glamster garnished with a rockstar twist, who has been teasing an album for a couple of months, has now finally put out the awaited Red Umbrella. Throughout the album, Nyxx’s provocative lyrics and the passionate soul embedded in them embody “the craft of storytelling at its height”, with every track being inspired by a real life experience. 

Over her time as an artist, Fia has moved past her once pop star image to become someone who brilliantly mixes several clashing genres, and her newest release plays with the pop-formula to give us a sound never heard before. Her revolutionary blend of pop, soul, jazz, and even some latin rhythms captures the type of person she is; someone you’ll never tire of hearing.

With the first four tracks of the album being chronologically released as the singles for Fia’s sophomore album, and four never heard before tracks, Red Umbrella features eight songs that give us the Fia Nyxx sound we’re expecting plus some unique twists that will bring a new flavor to the project. 

Starting out with Still Love You, the album begins with a note of vulnerability that lets us know right away that we’ll soon be dealing with more emotional pieces, whether they lean towards the side of falling down further into the spiral or climbing back up to the top of the mountain known as self-love and confidence. With the singer’s vocals being the unanimous protagonist of the track, Fia’s high notes and the love she carries within them throughout the song set the mood for an experience full of endearment and passion. 

Upon the second track, the soulful energy of the past song remains, though now it is accompanied by a more sensual beat. As Fia’s singing takes on a more confident and powerful approach, Don’t Shame Me is a captivating synth-pop track with heavy blues influence; from it’s funky beginning to its short electronic break soon after the chorus, Don’t Shame Me is a rollercoaster that shows some thematically progression from the lovelorn feel of the first song in the album. 

It’s only at Gemini, the third song in the track list, that it can truly be said the love is gone. Written with the idea that everyone has two sides, Gemini shows what can happen when your lover’s other side clashes too much with yours, leading the relationship into ruin. 

As Less Than 1,000 Followers had described the song before, in it “Fia Nyxx belts out mesmerizing notes that bring a sense of being preyed on, just like the beautiful look of the lover she sings to. With her lyrics showing a combination of desire, love, betrayal and anger (…), Fia does a marvelous job of incorporating the theme of the song in all of its aspects, from storytelling to the music itself.”

Perhaps the first three tracks, our introduction to the album, are the biggest rollercoaster because they had the job of setting the stage. Once the foundation has been laid by them, allowing listeners to have a better grasp on Fia’s life and style, we’re let into a side of the album that focuses more on a tranquil sentimentality. From AEIOU, her most popular single and a definite favorite from most fans, to Red Umbrella, which focuses on the feeling of comfort and what home can mean, to My One Forever, a deeply romantic ballad that shows the artist opening up to love once again, the middle section of the album is all about breaking down the barriers that the protagonist had been forced to build up in order to keep herself safe and sound. 

In any other album, a song like Watch Over Me, the second to last track, would be a suitable conclusion, seeing as how in it Fia talks about remembering she is no longer alone. However, this moving song full of soft singing and ethereal backing vocals is the needed last bit of sentimentality before we’re hit at full force with the vivid red, dangerously seductive last track, Dangerous Dance

Despite being so different from most of the track list, Dangerous Dance is a satisfying conclusion to Red Umbrella, and the main reason behind it is how it encapsulates the strong emotions from the middle section, the stronger beats from the first trio of songs, and the undeniable glamor and elegance that are now synonyms to Fia Nyxx. Like a final dance scene at the end of a movie where the main character has achieved all her goals and has found empowerment in being herself, this last song is the most Fia Nyxx piece in her discography, being the red bow that makes the album feel whole. 

Red Umbrella is the telling of Fia’s life, and she’s sharing her journey in the form of raw, sentimental songs that make the listener feel just as naked as her openness about love, loss, passion, and other life struggles. Telling the story of a fragile person who slowly begins to harden up through her experiences, yet still maintains the same softness that allows her to love and live how she desires, this album shows how Fia Nyxx has learnt to allow herself as brightly as she was always meant to do.

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