Fia Nyxx “Gemini”

Fia Nyxx dares into the haunting and seductive darkness in ‘Gemini’, her newest single and collaboration with the Billboard charting artist Taylor Xo.

After the release of her theatrical and vulnerable single, ‘Still Love You’, where the artist opened up about the fear of losing your partner and how it affects the relationship, Fia Nyxx is back two months later with the same dramatic flair and a darker and chilling atmosphere. 

A Hollywood glamster through and through, the queen of passion and pop rock Fia Nyxx is a daring artist who gladly embraces theatrical approaches, storytelling, the spotlight and her roots and southern jazz influences. As a veteran to the industry who’s been in the girl group SHE and started her solo career back in 2018, Fia has found her style and scene, yet she’s always willing to try new things out and step into new worlds. 

In Gemini, Fia Nyxx shows a complex and twisted, angst-filled perspective of someone who’s begun to lose themselves to a “beautiful demon”.

Behind its ominous and cryptic curtain, Gemini is a story of betrayal and a romance gone wrong. When two individuals who only put forward their innocent, picture perfect selves while hiding away their darkness fall for each other, the only possible outcome is destruction. The track tells how the subjects of Gemini fell to their current state, highlighting it’s somber atmosphere with a rich bass and lighter sounds that play with our expectations. 

As she dances with the devil, Fia Nyxx belts out mesmerizing notes that bring a sense of being preyed on, just like the beautiful look of the lover she sings to. With her lyrics showing a combination of desire, love, betrayal and anger, while the instrumental sinking listeners deeper into this trap of seduction we can help but jump into, despite knowing all the dangers hidden within it, Fia does a marvelous job of incorporating the theme of the song in all of its aspects, from storytelling to the music itself. 

Gemini was written with the idea that everyone has two sides, the side we put forward for all to see, and a darker side that we hide away. I’ve always been a huge fan of scary movies so I wanted to really run with the darker, spooky side on this one!! What happens if you let the beast out?”

Alongside Taylor Xo’s stellar rap, the two perspectives of a dangerous romance are what gives Gemini a feeling of life. With the two stories merging to tell the tragic tale of lovers full of doubt and suspicion, the chaos of their similar yet conflicting feelings adds a spark of tenacity and liveliness to the predatory melody, which slowly creeps upon you and comes out at full force when you least expect it. 

With her music, Fia Nyxx hopes to form an instant connection with her listeners, as she is presenting herself in each and every one of her songs. Including her playful side, which will make sure you always have a unique experience with every track, to the offer, what Fia Nyxx and her discography present is a daring, confident, and beautiful journey that you will never forget. 

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