Cristal B. “Do You Regret It?”

Cristal B. asks her ex lover in a sickly-sweet piano melody, ‘Do You Regret It?’, as she stands up for herself and shows her final card. 

The Florida based singer and songwriter, Cristal B., is a rising sensation who over the last year has been rapidly gathering attention and gaining fans, with many ears and hearts being drawn to her honest, raw, and unyielding depiction of love and heartbreak. 

Do You Regret It? Is Cristal B.’s fourth single in her discography and second release of the year. During this spring, the artist delivers a song about speaking up for yourself, giving listeners a reminder about how it’s okay to not forgive when someone’s hurt you deeply, and how not accepting an apology is sometimes the best way to heal from the past. 

A soft ballad that builds up and hits the crescendo when the lyrics accept the protagonist’s lack of will to forgive and forget, Do You Regret It? is a song that blends elegance with what many would call pettiness (spoiler alert: it’s not), staying sophisticated and unbothered as the singer opens up about being broken beyond repair by her lover while and after they were together. 

Through the power of words, both in the song and in the story she’s telling, Cristal fights back to regain some of her power in a relationship that’s long been over, as she’s forced into the uncomfortable position many are after a breakup: having to pretend there is no resentment, only talking about the positives of your ex partner, and looking fondly upon the relationship while also having clearly moved on… all to avoid obtaining a bad reputation if their name is tarnished in the other’s retelling of their time spent together.

While not directly bringing this issue up, Do You Regret It? speaks on the hasher judgment women face and the lengths they have to go through in order to stand on equal ground and preserve their image. With the progression of pretending everything is fine to avoid being labeled a “petty ex” or an overly sentimental woman, to finally confessing the true story of events after being done with being the only one who deals with the aftermath maturely. 

This piano and vocal driven song is one about betrayal, patience, honesty, and most of all, empowerment. Showing how despite the struggles she keeps facing, she is able to stand tall and victorious while being the biggest person, yet internally allowing herself to hate to her heart’s content, Cristal B.’s newest single is one that will appeal to those who love indie-pop ballad, vocal-centered songs, and post-breakup songs about people learning to stand for themselves, taking the approach the other person deserves to face. 

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