Class Vee’s new single “Love Resides”

Class Vee sings about how ‘Love Resides’ even in the worst times of a relationship in her new electronica-infused, R&B and indie single. 

American singer, songwriter, and producer Class Vee is a proud Latina with a Dominican background who’s been focusing on the music scene for a while. As the previous lead vocalist and producer for her band at the time, Soltrio, and now a solo artist, she’s been connecting with people all around the world through her music for some time now. Though still a rookie in the solo scene, her 2021 debut IDK Why surpassed 3,000 streams during its first month.

Inspired mainly by 80’s music, Class Vee has a unique style that strives to capture her love for its main influence while still tapping into any class or music, or genre that she desires to explore. 

Regarding her lyricism, the American singer described her inclination for relatable real-life events or experiences. She stated: “I love writing about real things, things people experience, go through good or bad. I like to put it in a way where people can say “yes, I’ve been there” or “that’s exactly how I feel.” I like to get to the heart of it all, through the music and lyrics”.

Released on the twelfth of March, Class Vee’s third single, Love Resides, is already a milestone in her discography and career. As her first song produced and sung by her, as well as one of her favorite songs so far, the R&B-indie track that also features electronica elements is a unique listening experience that will hopefully enamor listeners as much as it did for the artist herself. 

Characterized by its nostalgic vibe, which dominates the track from its very beginning, Love Resides is a groovy song that leads you down memory lane into a time of Class Vee’s life that revolved around an unhealthy relationship. 

Though the lyrics are vague enough that anyone will be able to project their own memories onto the song, the Class Vee of 2016 wrote the song after going through the struggle of being the partner of an addict. The song makes a strong point of highlighting her desire to help and the invisible barrier between the two of them, and it is from her helplessness that we are able to understand and deeply empathize with her due to the difficult position she was in.

While addiction does not mean the person is irredeemable or at blame for all of their actions, no one can be judged for being unable to withstand the weight of trying to save their loved one; Love Resides brings into perspective that it feels like to be in a constant push-and-pull and when you, as the outsider to the struggle, have to make the decision of staying and continuing the cycle in hopes of helping or leaving to help both of yourselves. 

Alongside its distinct beat, which tethers mainly into R&B terrority, and Class Vee’s deep and soulful vocals, Love Resides is also Class Vee’s first track to be accompanied by a music video. Featuring solo black-and-white shots of the singer, allegories to the situation, and clips that allude to the real experience that inspired the track, the audiovisual product presents both a story and aesthetic takes that will make for an attention-grabbing, easy-to-follow video. 

Class Vee’s third single is an “100% me” project that allowed the young talent to have total creative control over how her vision would be displayed to the world. To continue with her unique takes and creative streak, the artist is now working on a new song called Lemon Face, which will focus on the people walking around “looking sour” as though they had just eaten a lemon.

With another single and music video on the way, 2022 is looking to be a busy and successful year for the rising star. 

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