Bara Karin “Five times a day”

Bara Karin targets her natal mental healthcare system in her synthpop single, “Five times a day“. 

Renowned Swedish talent, Bara Karin, is a singer-songwriter and producer who uses her degree in psychology and her passion for the subject matter to the fullest in her music. As someone determined to speak up on the problems the current generation and women of any age face, Bara Karin’s music is just as dauntless and risque, putting things in a manner that feels abstract yet is blunt enough for people to see she will not shy away from uncomfortable topics.

Unbound to any genres as she continues her joint pursuit of self-expression and discussing the taboo topics of today’s society, Bara Karin has gained a notoriety mainly for her lyrics, which center mainly on millennials, toxic men, how to cope with them and the problems they continuously contribute to. The rawness in the truth she speaks of, as well as the determination to talk about controversial themes in the first place, have made Bara Karin somewhat of a therapist for women. 

Though lyricism is not her only forte by far; her distinct voice and the variety of pitches she plays with, as well as her ability to suit whatever instrumental she’s singing along, are two phenomenal skills that show how strong her domain is multiple areas, making her an artist worthy of being called unique, experimental, and revolutionary. 

Her newest project, ‘Just one swipe away’, is an upcoming album described as space pop with “a breath of fresh air in a diversity devoid landscape of sterilized sameness.” Set to be released sometime in fall of 2022, the album will touch upon current problems such as sex trafficking, domestic violence, and the porn industry, among others. 

Five times a day shows a worst-case scenario that is unfortunately many’s reality. Depicting a young woman being forcibly removed from a psychiatric residential youth facility and the lengths she’ll go to finance her medication (ADHD), the story in this song shows how one social problem can lead to another as we glimpse at the life of a mentally ill lady forced into sex work in an attempt to function “normally”. 

Her previous single, the 2020 song ‘Fuck me like a robot’, has already shown us how the artist feels about the porn industry, and this new glance into another side of sex in our world continues to view the theme through a feminist lens that shows her concern over the millions of women living like this. 

At the same time, the song stays fresh and playful the entire time through its instrumental, especially the synths and sounds of jars of pills falling on loop. The contrast between the serious topic, the humoristic chorus, Bara Karin’s refreshing ad libs, and the ever changing backing beat make Five times a day an incredibly unique track.

The music video, a psychedelic experience through and through, throws us from bright overexposed shots of white spaces to bizarre loops of filtered and close up shots. Whether it represents the downward spiral of being unmedicated or how the desperate measures taken to obtain said medication lead to more psychological stress and ill-being, this visual glimpse into Bara Karin’s vision helps immerse listeners deeper into the sad truth that is being mentally ill in a place where that aspect of your health is not prioritized. You can see the video here:

Bara Karin didn’t dare release the single until she quit her job within psychiatric care, afraid that she was going to be accused for revealing what it can be like there.  

Throughout her entire career Bara Karin has been highlighting taboo subjects, and we can expect her fall album to follow in the same path, as she keeps being the speaker that helps others make their voices louder.

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