"This is, again, a tragic love song from another perspective — more of a tragic love story," the artist begins with. Stating he's taken heavy inspiration from a Star Is Born, the 1937 film presenting the doomed love between a famous man and a woman with deep aspirations to a similar future, VOCAL LONER decided to do their own take on the famous story that's been recreated in film four separate times. 

Anthony Rubery “Pressure”

: "I specifically wrote it about my fiancée who, at the time, had just graduated in Effects for Performing Arts, only to enter an industry that was on its knees due to COVID. The song is written as a pick-me-up, offering reassurance to believe in yourself and your journey. I think a lot of people would benefit from that right now.​​" Anthony Rubery

Jesse Brady “Conflicted”

Inspired by the phrase “It seems like you’ve got a feeling and a knowledge and they’re kind of criss-crossing”, which was told to Jesse by one of biggest influences, her grandmother, and written in a couple of weeks, this song resonates with the part of us that hates making decisions and the part of us that feels gratitude towards those loved ones who can always help us clear our head. 

Shayanne “All You Are”

In All You Are, the artist writes from the perspective of the villain. With the rising popularity of bad guys in media in recent years, it is no longer a surprise to meet someone who's favorite character is the protagonist's enemy. However, what is endlessly enchanting about the way Shayanne brings Sylvar to life in the form of a song is how she humanizes him. 

Sunday Hunter “Illogical Sphere”

The desire to wake up present in the lyrics can easily be washed away by Sunday's signature guitar riffs and sweeping and lulling synths. In an unexpected turn of events, the song itself becomes a sphere; while discussing how trapped one can feel in this world, Illogical Sphere ironically created a small bubble that allows people to take a break from the suffocating everyday routine. 

Painting By Numbers “Weakness”

As they swim deeper into their memories and old emotions, Painting By Numbers takes their listeners on a profusely philosophical and stirring journey. With allusions to being consumed by something bigger than the self — well-nigh impossible to defeat, the song brings forth questions about how we've gotten to the point we're at now, how things could have been different, and if the pain was necessary at any point.

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