Audreal Gillett “Dance With My Ego”

Throughout the song, Audreal’s vocals feel somewhat covered or holding back, acting as a representation of what staying calm and not letting your ego get the best of you during a fight might feel like. The effort of not caving in is accentuated by the weight of each deeper note, as well as the ad libs in the background.

KatyRuth “3 Years”

“I wrote this song when I was dwelling on my past mistakes,” KatyRuth begins. “So I started to scroll through instagram to distract myself, that’s when I saw a meme that read, “Remember that guy you never that you get over.” And that’s when I instantly thought of the person who broke my heart into a million little pieces. That’s when I remembered the person that had me so depressed, I had to go to therapy. And for the first time in a long time, I smiled because I honestly hadn’t thought of that person in forever. Three years to be exact and I was like “I must write a song about this!”.” KatyRuth

Fia Nyxx “Still Love You”

“I wrote Still Love You at a time of uncertainty, as I was entering a new relationship that seemed almost too good to be true. I realized that I was living from a mindset of lack and fear as I waited for something bad to happen, for my world to come crashing down… and it did.” Fia Nyxx

J0VANNA “TwentyOne”

“I wrote TwentyOne on my 21st birthday. It is an anthem against growing up. I am just not ready! Aging is something I think about all the time. I really don’t like birthdays and I don’t feel I am ready yet to be an “adult”. Probably the most challenging part of growing up is knowing that my parents, sisters, grandparents, and other loved ones are getting older too. This single expresses all of these emotions that I am experiencing. At the end of the song, you can hear me laugh, which is my way of saying everything is going to be okay.” Jovanna

Lucrezia “Reaping What You Sow”

“Reaping What You Sow was written based off of a friend’s story” the artist states. “She had been going through a rough breakup and she had continuous breakdowns. I couldn’t really find a way to help her because, [as] we all know, the only person that can help you going through a breakup is yourself, so I thought of writing a song as if I was in her situation, so that she could listen to it and find some comfort in it and feel understood. I even sampled one of her voice notes to me, which I included in the intro of the track!” Lucrezia

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