Painting By Numbers “Weakness”

Painting By Numbers expose their ‘Weakness’ alongside an old friend in a mesmerizing lofi single. 

Started by longtime friends Jamie and Simon after several years of playing in various indie and electronic bands, which in late 2018 saw the addition of Estonian ambient musician and vocalist Keit, the collective known as Painting By Numbers, is a slightly experimental group who places great focus on atmosphere through chillwave sounds.

After the success of their 2021 EP Swimming In A Sea Of Dreams, which received great praise and was heard playing in BBC Radio’s platform, BBC Music Introducing, the group is ready to start a new era with their upcoming 2022 EP and their newest single. 

The track is in some ways inspired by a previous collaboration between bandmate Jamie and featured artist Will Barter, Lucid, which was written before Painting By Numbers came to be. The new and final product was worked on by Simon and Jamie, who together took care of the final compositional arrangement and production.

Weakness is yet another soothing and euphonious track which you can sink into without feeling worry of suffocation. Made as a collaboration with former bandmate, musician, and friend Will Barter (who was in charge of songwriting for this project), the song is a reflection of the member’s personal experiences and difficulties. 

As they swim deeper into their memories and old emotions, Painting By Numbers takes their listeners on a profusely philosophical and stirring journey. With allusions to being consumed by something bigger than the self — well-nigh impossible to defeat, the song brings forth questions about how we’ve gotten to the point we’re at now, how things could have been different, and if the pain was necessary at any point. Yet it also argues on how, while struggling is not an essential part of moving forward, the overcoming element is what allows for positive change to happen more efficiently. 

In a way, Weakness does not lament the existence of debility or impotence. It does not celebrate them either, as they’re constantly implied to have been one of the causes of strife at one point or another; instead, it is realistic about the situation and acknowledges that you can only stand up if you’ve previously fallen. The pain of the fall might vary, but the important part is moving and standing on your two feet in spite of it. 

With Jamie’s addictive lofi synth loop, Will’s beautiful and poetic way of putting feelings into words, Simon’s signature 80’s guitar sound (a latter addition that brings the track to a higher level in the pedestal of soothing, mellow but dramatic music), and Keit’s ethereal, out of this world vocals, their joint talents and happenings create a singularity that you won’t get enough of. 

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